Most Instagenic Places In Kobe, Hyogo Prefecture

Here're most Instagenic places in Kobe, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan. There're many Instagram worthy spots you can get 'like' in your SNS, such as 'Uroko House' with many antique ornaments, and a romantic night cruise. Then, we selected best Instagenic ones from 'special places to travel in Japan' that were posted in City's Pride by travelers and the locals who have actually been to Kobe.

Most Instagenic Places In Kobe, Hyogo Prefecture [1-10]

1Hotel Setre

Colorful Breakfast As A Room Service With A View Of Akashi Strait

A room you can have an ocean view with Akashi Strait Bridge all to yourself. Colorful breakfast like a palette with full of foodstuffs grown in Awaji-shima and Akashi Strait. Enjoy the gorgeous morning you never have other places.◎Four-star hotel popular for wedding ceremony. It has a plan for a woman traveling by herself. Use for only meal is available.

2Uroko House

Dream House With Many Antiques Of MEISSEN & TIFFANY

It's called 'Uroko (scale) House' because the natural stones of wall look like scales. This house standing on a hill like a castle is where you can't miss in Kitano. Many antiques of MEISSEN and TIFFANY are displayed in the house.◎Entrance fee: 1051yen


Good For Date! Italian Restaurant With A Whole View Of Kobe

Italian restaurant 'GIANCALDO' is located on Mt.Suwa, about 15min by car from San'nomiya. The dishes made from foodstuffs from all over the world and also locally grown ones are as beautiful as Kobe city view seen from the big windows. Anyway, their elaborated dishes are delicious.◎Access: 15min drive from San'nomiya or Motomachi. Lunch 3000yen~.

4Italy House

Enjoy 100% Of Kitano's Atmosphere! An Elegant Café At Italy House

Italy House has a very elegant café suggestive of a garden in Europe. I was surprised that such a world existed inside of a high wall. Anyway, because of it's Italy, cafe latte is a genuine one and we also enjoy many other coffee menus.◎Entrance fee to Italy House is 700yen, but you don't need it for only café use. It's an ideal place for people want to take time to enjoy café in Kitano.

5Kobe Meriken Park Oriental Hotel

Blissful Morning! Breakfast With The Ocean View & Feeling Of Kobe Resort

A buffet breakfast preparing all kinds of Japanese, Western and Chinese food. We can have a blissful breakfast time in front of the Kobe ocean view at the open patio with full of resort mood.

6Hilltop House (Former Chinese Consulate)

Fortunate Spot Of Two Stone Guardian Dogs

It's said that people walk through between the two stone guardian dogs can be blessed with love and become happy! They have a power for protect you from evil, you may be able to cleanse bad influences and get much love. This is an Oriental style house that is only one in Kitano Ijinkan District.◎null

7Café De Beau

Being In The Gentle Sunlight, Cakes Born From Fusion Of Europe & Arima

It has a off-white & vintage interior, and soft Temba black soybean tart with Kobe's Hariharan Coffee. I ordered a cheese cake and another coffee.◎To go to Arima Onsen from Osaka Station, it's a little detour if you use Kobe Electric Railway. Hankyu Bus leaves from Takarazuka Station can let you access leisurely. Café De Beau conveniently stands just near the bus station! You can eat also roll cakes and black soybean pudding.

8Kobe Nishimura Coffee Kitanozaka Shop

A Blissful Cup Of Coffee 'Nishimura Original Blend'

It's the best coffee I've ever had. Well balanced bitterness and sourness, and great aroma that stays in my memory for a long time. I, for sure, want to have it again. Nishimura is a long established coffee shop and has been particular about beans, roast, water and even cup.◎Located on the side of Kitano-zaka Hill. You can drink 'Nishimura Original Blend' by ordering Cake Set 1200yen. Kobe has many cafés and it makes you difficult to decide, but choose here is you want to enjoy the genuine coffee.

9Luminous Kobe

Unparalleled Luxurious Beauty! Romantic Night Cruise Of Kobe

A perfect night cruise you can see the glittering town sight of Kobe, and go under the illuminated Akashi Ohashi Bridge which is the longest in the world. It's so supreme night view that I can declare having a date here must be perfect.

10Ikuta Shrine

Cute Water Lot For Good Marriage At A Forest In Ikuta Shrine

Ikuta Forest is located in the precinct of Ikuta Shrine. Here's said to have become a field of Gempei Battle(Genji-Heike War), but now, it's popular as a spiritual power spot. Many people enjoy water-lot and get some advices for good marriage.◎Receive water-lot at shrine office and bring it to Ikuta Forest. Find a notice board, soak the lot in the pond, then you can get the advices. You can tie it on the fixed place or bring it home.