Best Cafes In Okayama-shi

Here're best Cafes in Okayama-shi, Okayama. We released a ranking of reviews about Cafes posted by travelers and locals who have actually been to Okayama-shi.

Best Cafes In Okayama-shi [1-4]


Patisserie Souhait


At A Patisserie In Fruit Kingdom♡ Stylish Fruit Parfait

Okayama's fruit is delicious as it is, but you can eat it in such a stylish parfait! Its sponge cake in it is also delicious. The owner was a pupil of a famous pastry chef Hironobu Tsujiguchi.◎Okayama Seasonal Parfait (spring-summer) 880yen. There's a parking space in front of the shop.


Surprised To Do A Double Take! Retro & Photogenic Cafe Of London Bus

I was surprised and did a bubble take when I found the two storied London bus at the West Bypass! This genuine London bus was shipped and renovated to a cafe. The bus itself and also the interior have an atmosphere of antique, and photogenic!◎The 180th National Road (West Bypass). 15min by car from Okayama Station.


Gorgeous Tableware & Foods In A London Bus Cafe

MONTAGUE is a cafe renovated from a two-storied London bus. And you can eat gorgeous and delicious foods that you can't believe they're cooked in a bus. The tableware like Wedgewood, and antique silvers are great choice!◎For lunch, you can eat elaborate foods such as big sandwiches and hot rice casserole. With jar-salad or potato, and drinks.


Shop Of Cafe & Various Goods & Plates

Skip in Okayama. The first floor is a cafe, and the second is a shop of various goods. I had a good-seller lunch with cake. Their lunch has many vegetables, which is good for me. What's more, there're many kinds of cakes, so I can't decide quickly what to eat. They prepare many beautiful goods and table wear, so we can enjoy shopping, too.


Little Known Cafe Good For Grown-Ups

CAFE QINEMA is in Toiyacho, Okayama, located on the second floor of AROW&DEPARTMENT. It has a retro and calm atmosphere. I ordered cheese cake & lemon parfait, which tastes refreshing-sweet. They offer different parfait made to be best in that season.