Best Restaurants In Matsuyama-shi

Here're best Restaurants in Matsuyama-shi, Ehime. We released a ranking of reviews about Restaurants posted by travelers and locals who have actually been to Matsuyama-shi.

Best Restaurants In Matsuyama-shi [1-6]

110 Factory Dogo-store

A good taste café in Dogo Onsen, a hot spring town. They use Ehime's specialty mikan (strictly picked Japanese tangerines) to make freshly squeezed juice, ice cream and even mikan beer! There're several different kinds, and it'll be interesting to compare the tastes after enjoying hot springs.


They remake Ehime's famous jako-ten into jako-katsu. A chewy fried small fish paste and crispy bread crumbs become excellent combination. It's a kind of new local specialty that tastes better than it looks, and it's worth eating so much.

Though many other restaurants use chewy sea breams for tai-don, Izumo-ya dares to make the flesh soft. With little firm vinegar rice and soft boiled egg, Ehime's specialty tai-don creates the excellent balance of all foodstuffs.

3Goshiki Main-Store

Goshiki is popular by specialties in Ehime. Among all, tai-somen noodle lavishly using a whole sea bream is very popular! Flaking the flesh away from the bone in stock soup thick enough to be excellent with alcoholic drinks, you can enjoy the superb dish!

4GANSUI Matsuyama

Gansui is the originator of Uwajima Taimeshi ( sashimi of sea bream with rice which has started in Uwajima of Ehime Pref.), and it's a branch restaurant in Matsuyama City. Sea bream (tai) which is caught from wild by pole-and-line fishing, with special sauce and egg. Then put them on piping hot rice. They selected strictly its rice, soy sauce, egg and all things they use. You can eat the best Taimeshi here!◎Traditional local specialty since 100 years ago 'Wild Caught Sea Bream Uwajima Taimeshi' 2100yen. You can eat so much rice because of the relishes, and of course you can ask for rice as much as you want to eat. Farmed sea bream Taimeshi is 1450yen.

The origination of Uwajima Taimeshi (sea bream sashimi on rice), Gansui offers the new style named 'Gansui Ishiyaki'. It's served in a hot stone bowl just like Bibimbap, you can eat rice and sea bream scorched savorily! The rich sauce tastes like miso is excellent with fish and egg.◎Gansui Ishiyaki 1450yen. Located at about the center of Matsuyama Castle Ropeway Shopping Street. You need to use toll parking lot nearby, because the restaurant has no parking lot for cars.

5Sorashito Coffee

【Sorashito Coffee】 In a room of calm atmosphere, they offer the mild taste meals that change everyday. We can buy the homemade baked cakes for takeout.◎Open: 9:00〜23:00 Close: Thursdays

6Restaurant Aoikoke

It is a local dish of Matuyama (it is the the Japanese thin noodle with sea bream). I flaked the sea bream grilled with salt and mixed the noodle with them and some spices in the soup. The light taste of noodle gose well with the salty taste of sea bream. And a local noodle 'Kumayama Somen' is used for the dish.