Best Restaurants In Ehime

Here're best Restaurants in Ehime. We released a ranking of reviews about Restaurants posted by travelers and locals who have actually been to Ehime.

Best Restaurants In Ehime [1-10]


Different from what I expected! Mix the sea bream sashimi and ground with yolk, then take them into a big mouthful with rice. You may say how many bowls of rice won't be enough.

Fresh seafood caught in a Kurushima Strait in front of the restaurant. You can enjoy plump, plain, soft and chewy one together on one plate.

This is the royal road of Taimeshi! Opening it, sea bream and Japanese stock soup smell softly, the rice is well seasoned, I can't stop my chopsticks !

2Asahi Beer Park Iyosaijyo Store

I envy that the cow grows and eat the beer lees made in Asahi Beer Shikoku Factory. They say the cow drinking beer gain color and becomes a quality beef. Grilled Iyo beer beef matches well with this beer!

The pork was fed lactobacili from beer lees and probiotics developed by CALPIS Co. This is a pork saute of which the meat is soft and the aftertaste light.

3Mori no Kaze

A kakiage (deep-fried vegetables) looked like gorgeous Japanese drums you could see at Niihama drum festival. I think 977yen is not expensive for this amount.

4Road Station Yoshiumi Ikiiki Kan

I can select favorite seafood and grill them by shichirin (a cray cooking stove with charcoal) as I sees the Kurushima Strait Bridge. It becomes better to eat fresh seafood with the feeling of sea breeze. They say that some people come on a cycling like this BBQ.

Tai-meshi (rice boiled with sea breams) and seafood BBQ is the best combination to enjoy the seafood. You can't forget the tai-meshi when you visit the Kurushima Strait.


From a café at Karei Observatory in Oshima Island of Shimanami Kaido, you can enjoy the scenery of Setouchi. But one thing that is different from others, no windows in such a high position! So, have a nice time with the comfortable sea breeze.◎Open: Only Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays. Food: Curry, only available while stocks last. Basically, tea time.

6Hakurakuten Main Shop

People in Imabari with festinate character like dishes that are made quickly, not expensive and delicious. And the 'Yakibuta Tamagomeshi' was born as staff meal originally and the restaurant 'Hakurakuten' served it at first. The simple delicious meal consist of grilled pork and half-boiled egg mixed with rice.

7Road Station Tatara shimanami Park

Because the fish 'Mahata' are few on the market, it is called visionary fish. And it is spring texture, light and fresh taste furthermore, has collagen.

8Patisserie T's café TAMAYA

I've found an ideal café for traveling in Hakata Island. Many variety of cakes make women happy. And, if the terrace seats facing to Seto Inland Sea are vacant, you're lucky! The sea and sweets make your SNS perfect!◎Access: 5min by car from Hakata IC of Shimanami Kaido Speedway. Two tables in the terrace. You can see the seascape beautifully from even inside. Parking lot is available.

9Marine Oasis Hakata

The genuine salt ramen you can eat at the roadside rest area at Hakata Island, the birth place of Hakata salt. Its soup made up by the specialty salt and sea bream is superb! I recommend 'Tai-shio Ramen'.

10Kita Zushi

Oshima, belongs to Shimanami Kaido Route, has sweet and rich taste sea urchin egg grown in Miyakubo. Kita Zushi offers prime 'Uni Don (Sea Urchin Egg On Rice)' with sea urchin egg laid on rice without stinginess. It's delicious enough as it is, but more delicious with mixed yolk!◎Uni Meshi 2200yen. For the enough amount of sea urchin egg, it doesn't cost much. And this restaurant commands nice sea view, although with a little graves.

Sushi restaurant 'Kita-zushi' offers you the prime and especially big seafood of Setouchi. The taste and freshness are great of course, what's more, it's so big that women can't eat it in one mouthful. Even more, it is great value for money. A recommendable restaurant in Oshima Island.◎The toughness of rice is ordinally, freshness is great and seafood in big. 'Special (Jo) Nigiri 1500yen' 'Prime (Tokujo) Nigiri 2200yen'. The restaurant is spacious and has some single rooms.