Best Instagrammed Restaurants & Cafes In Hokkaido

Here're best Instagrammed Restaurants & Cafes in Hokkaido. We released a ranking of reviews about Instagrammed Restaurants & Cafes posted by travelers and locals who have actually been to Hokkaido.

Best Instagrammed Restaurants & Cafes In Hokkaido [1-7]


Fuwatto Maruyama Kitchen


The New Third Texture, Fried & Grilled Pancakes

Grilled Pancakes has crisp skin and soft souffle inside, and the rich tastes of egg is very delicious! Fuwatto Maruyama Kitchen offers also food menus, I like its omelet-rice with soft texture like whipped meringue.◎The pancake of this photo is half-sized one.


Refreshing Sweetness! A Photogenic, Lovely, And Foamy Ice Cream

UMIERE offers a foamy ice cream that has been a big topic in Instagram. It has lovely looking, and nice balance of creamy and refreshing tastes of milk. Anyway, it's delicious!


Green Gables


Strawberry Chiffon Cake Loved By YUKI, A Famous Singer Born In Hakodate

Ann of Green Gables' is a motif of this house, and they have gathered the nice antique goods. YUKI, a singer of JUDY AND MARY, has loved this chiffon cake, which is very fluffy. They said, she had taken a window seat and written the lyrics.


Kitaichi Hall


Coffee Time With Gentle Lights Of Lamp

Kitaichi Hall is a cafe with 167 lamps and retro atmosphere. They light the lamps one by one by hand after they open the cafe every morning. 8:45. It's worth seeing if you get up early. They offer meals as well as coffee and soft cream.


Aru'u-no Pain


Nice Lunch You Can Eat With Peaceful Landscape Of Biei

Aru'u-no Pain stands alone in Biei. It's located in beautiful nature, and customers can enjoy lunch at its terrace and near the window while gazing at peaceful landscape. I like their interior, too. You should visit as fast as you can because their best-seller breads are sold out quickly.


Ferme LaTerre


Nice Sweet Shop At A Scenic Hill Of Biei

Ferme LaTerre is a sweet shop located at a small hill of Biei. Though it's a sweet shop, you can eat lunch and buy bread, too. Things to eat here is their pudding with melting palate feeling.


Ice Star Restaurant


A Restaurant OF Ice & Snow

A little cold but fantastic restaurant made from snow and ice appears only in winter! The hot cheese fondue and hot alcohol drinks make our hole body hot from inside.