Best Hotels In Hokkaido

Here're best Hotels in Hokkaido. We released a ranking of reviews about Hotels posted by travelers and locals who have actually been to Hokkaido.

Best Hotels In Hokkaido [1-5]


Chateraise Gateaux Kingdom Sapporo


A Pool and Spa Resort in the Sweets Castle in Sapporo

The hotel is run by Chateraise a countrywide chain of sweets store. Just baked sweets smell around the shop. And hot water pool and a hot spring you can enjoy in cold winter in Hokkaido.


Hoshino Resort OMO7 Asahikawa


Many Ways To Eat! The Breakfast Of OMO7 Asahikawa Makes Me Ready A Camera

The waffles cooked in front of our eyes have many kinds of toppings! We can eat them as a sweet or also as a meal. They show pictures of their recommended way to eat, so follow them. Anything else, they prepare many lovely bread and so on!


Spoon Valley's Zawazawa Village


Flood Of Reservations! Picture Book World In Realities!? Five Cottages Standing On The Hill

Spoon Valley's Zawazawa Village has five detached tow-storied cottages. They deliver the breakfast and dinner to each cottage. We can enjoy slow time leisurely and meals we eat in nature are all delicious! When you travel in Hokkaido, it's nice place to stay.◎It's a small hotel with five cottages. They take reservations of three months ahead, so make a booking earlier if you like it.


KIRORO Tribute Portfolio Hotel Hokkaido


Beautiful Snow Landscape From A Guest Room

We can see the beautiful mountains covered with snow from our guest rooms. From five to seven in the morning, croissant and illy's coffee are available for free, so enjoy them with this landscape.


Shiretoko Daiichi Hotel


World Heritage Sight You Can Meet in the Hotel Room

I stayed at the Shiretoko Daiichi Hotel. The Utoko town sights, the Sea of Okhotsk and the sun setting on the World Heritage Shiretoko could be seen.