Best Sweet Shops In Hyogo

Here're best Sweet Shops in Hyogo. We released a ranking of reviews about Sweet Shops posted by travelers and locals who have actually been to Hyogo.

Best Sweet Shops In Hyogo [1-10]


The Original Coffee Jelly

CAFE Zoe opens only on weekdays. The best-seller is coffee jelly with much salt ice cream. You can eat the excellent combination of salty-sweet ice cream and a little bitter coffee jelly.


Somehow, A Fascinating Coffee Jelly I Can't Take My Eyes Off

【CAFE Zoe】A cafe opens only weekdays at the third floor of an office block. We can enjoy the exquisite balance of salt-vanilla ice cream and a little bitter coffee jelly.◎OPEN 11:30〜18:00 CLOSE Saturdays & Sundays


Chocolat Republic San'nomiya


Sweets Plate With Various Seasonal Cakes

Chocolat Republic offers a sweet plate named 'Tea Party' appears in every season! The plate, we can eat the best-seller cakes at one time, is very popular, combined with the lovely appearance! You need to reserve it!


So Lovely Sweets' Plate You Must Get Before It's Sold Out

The cafe on the second floor opens from noon. Tea Party offered only for a limited quantity of plates. The sweets on the plate change every month, we can enjoy it many times. If you want to eat it for sure, don't forget to reserve!


Living Organics


Strawberry Parfait With Soy Milk Whip Cream

Though it looks voluminous, we can eat it up easily because the whip cream is made from soy milk. For 1458 yen, you can enjoy parfait and smoothie at the same time.


Soy Milk Whip Parfait

A specialty cafe of cold-pressed juice and salad made of strictly selected organic vegetables and fruits. Soy Milk Whip Parfait is popular in SNS very much. It's an ideal parfait that is beautiful, healthy, and lovely!


Crape Parfait

Crape parfait is a lovely parfait with a crape on the glass. It tastes delicious of course, and also it's sure to look excellent in your Instagram.


Parfait With Crepe On The Glass

So lovely parfait stirring up a girl's heart. Customers can order after 15:00. They change the fruit by seasons, so you'll look forward to the next one very much.


Photogenic Sweets With Impressive Looks

RU cafe is famous in Miki, Hyogo. Their sweets with crepe on it is the best-seller! They change fruit every season, so we can enjoy limited ingredients for crepe and parfait.


Strawberry Cake For Only 25 Cups A Day

Ravo Bake Coffee's strawberry cake is offered only 25 cups a day. It's not too sweet, and its size is good for me to eat it up. They will be sold out on holidays, so visit early!


Seasonal Lovely Decorations

Strawberry White Mocha. Strawberry topped on whip cream, and fluffy strawberry chocolate like pink snow as a finish. A strawberry cake, prepared only 25 cups for a day, is sized to eat it up, and delicious.


Coffee Jelly With Rum Raisin Ice Cream

Small sized coffee jelly. You can choose vanilla or rum raisin for ice cream. I had rum raisin today!


Ristorante Mia Albergo


Semifreddo Similar To Tiramisu, A Popular Italian Dolce

A cake on the right bottom in this picture is a cake called semifreddo. A crisp feeling is its special feature. I enjoyed a genuine Italian to my heart content.


Caffera Daimaru-Kobe-Store


A Terrace You Can See Kobe Town And Spend A Time Slowly

You can enjoy coffee in a spacious terrace with the scenery of Kobe.


Café De Beau


Being In The Gentle Sunlight, Cakes Born From Fusion Of Europe & Arima

It has a off-white & vintage interior, and soft Temba black soybean tart with Kobe's Hariharan Coffee. I ordered a cheese cake and another coffee.◎To go to Arima Onsen from Osaka Station, it's a little detour if you use Kobe Electric Railway. Hankyu Bus leaves from Takarazuka Station can let you access leisurely. Café De Beau conveniently stands just near the bus station! You can eat also roll cakes and black soybean pudding.


THE ALLEY San'nomiya


Tapioca Milk Teas

The first store of Kansai Region, THE ALLAY San'nomiya. There're line of people to buy tapioca drinks day after day, but I got one the first thing in the morning. That has many tapioca balls and was delicious!