Best Events And Festivals (Omatsuri) In Fukuoka

Here're best Events And Festivals (Omatsuri) in Fukuoka. We released a ranking of reviews about Events And Festivals (Omatsuri) posted by travel influencers who have actually been to Fukuoka.

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Address:2361, Sasaguri, Kasuya-gun, Fukuoka, Japan

Access:2 min by car, from Chikuzenyamate Station


There is a parking lot, only stairs. There are wind chimes in front of the main hall and near the water. You can also take cute pictures with a heart frame and a huge 5 yen object. A sitting statue of Kobo Daishi, about 3 meters long, is enshrined in the hall and has an overwhelming presence. This year, the wind chime festival will be extended until the beginning of October !! It will be lit up in September (the time is undecided).


Address:583-1, Nakayama, Yanagawa-shi, Fukuoka

Access:5 min by car, from Chikugofunagoya Station

The 300-year-old wisteria trees at Nakayama Kumano Shrine cover the entire surface, and it is a spectacular view. It is lit up at night and has a fantastic view.


Address:2706-1 Ita, Tagawa-shi, Fukuoka, Japan

Access:5 min by car, from Tagawaita Station

There are heart-shaped objects everywhere so you can take pictures at your favorite places. There is a cold tea service,


Address:1729 Yokoguma, Ogori-shi, Fukuoka, Japan

Access:4 min walk, from Misawa Station

The wind chime is a staircase + approach. There are times when it is crowded even on weekdays, so be careful if you go around noon! ︎ There are many frog figurines and it is a paradise for frog lovers! ︎ A cute frog with a red stamp. Many parking lots can be parked jointly with other stores. There are many stairs and it is a gravel road, so be careful of your feet. Wind chime festival until mid-September


Address:Ōshima 1811, Munakata-shi, Fukuoka

Access:15 min by ferry from Kounominato to Ōshima Port, then 5 min walk

Munakata Taisha Nakatsu Shrine is located at Oshima Island, and one of the elements of a world heritage 'Sacred Island of Okinoshima and Associated Sites in the Munakata Region'. It's said to be a birth place of Star Festival legend in Japan, and during the festival, people are fascinated with the fantastic atmosphere in the precinct illuminated by bamboo lanterns.

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