Best Hotels With Nice Pool In Japan

Here're best Hotels With Nice Pool in Japan. We released a ranking of reviews about Hotels With Nice Pool posted by travelers and locals who have actually been to Japan.

Best Hotels With Nice Pool In Japan [1-4]

1ANA Intercontinental Ishigaki Resort

ANA Intercontinental Ishigaki Resort has great view from the stairs, beautiful gardens, pool, hammock and beach! It has everything as a vacation!

2Garden Terrace Nagasaki Hotels & Resorts

Guests staying at suite or royal room except for main building can drink and eat light meals freely in the terrace lounge. So, they can relax and spend luxury time while seeing Nagasaki night view.

3Ōiso Prince Hotel

Otherworldly beautiful scenery spread there. It's a warm-water pool, so we can enjoy it even in winter or a little cold season. There're also sauna bath, spa, and onsen, so we stay there all day long. From Shinjuku, it takes 1 hour and 10 minutes, which is good access.

4Setouchi Retreat Aonagi

We can see the beautiful view changes with time, both the time of sunset and daytime blue sky. What's more, there's a lounge where we can enjoy free-drinks for 24 hours a day beside the pool.