Best Stunning Views In Toyoka-shi

Here're best Stunning Views in Toyoka-shi, Hyogo. We released a ranking of reviews about Stunning Views posted by travelers and locals who have actually been to Toyoka-shi.

Best Stunning Views In Toyoka-shi [1-2]


Ankoku-ji Temple


Bursting Into Flames! Lighted Up Red Japanese Enkianthus

At Ankoku-ji Shrine is become crowded with people seeing the Japanese enkianthus trees in best season. The scenery cut out over the veranda is bright red like flames and overwhelm us sitting in front of that.


Gembu-do Koen Park


Beautiful Caves Named After Gods! Naturally Formed Mysterious Columnar Jointing

The caves named Gembu, Byakko, Suzaku and Seiryo, names of four gods 'Shijin'. Gembu-dou Park has the impressive scenery formed by the nature! Here you can see the mysterious geographical features called 'Columnar Jointing', the piled up rocks like hexagonal prism.