Best Restaurants In Yaginishiguchi

Here're best Restaurants in Yaginishiguchi, Nara. We released a ranking of reviews about Restaurants posted by travelers and locals who have actually been to Yaginishiguchi.

Best Restaurants In Yaginishiguchi [1-1]

1Unomachi Coffee Nara

Unomachi Coffee in Imai-cho, Kashihara, Nara Prefecture. We can also enjoy seeing the buildings of old Edo Period. Unomachi Coffee is a popular cafe in Okayama, then it has come to Imai! The fruit changes every season, and they offer many other menus. I like its interiors, too.

Unomachi Coffee is a popular cafe in Okayama Prefecture. And its new branch opened in Nara last year. Cream Brulee Parfait (700 yen) uses strawberry now from winter to the early spring.


Nice Book Cafe

The second shop of a popular book cafe in Okayama has opened in Nara, You can feel comfortable in a good-old atmosphere of a traditional Japanese house. Their two-tone lassie is beautiful.