Best Restaurants In Suita-shi

Here're best Restaurants in Suita-shi, Osaka. We released a ranking of reviews about Restaurants posted by travelers and locals who have actually been to Suita-shi.

Best Restaurants In Suita-shi [1-3]


Cute Appearance! But A Parfait Tastes For Grown-ups

Nanami is a Japanese style cafe, renovated from an old house. I had a strawberry Mont Blanc on sale only this season. Fresh strawberry, pistachio gelato, milk custard pudding, strawberry sherbet... The pink mont blanc cream looks cute, but it changed into a parfait for grown-ups by the crisp crumble of rock salt! I love it!


Kawata Seikaten


Crisp Apple Pie At A Good-Old Cafe

Kawata Seikaten, renewed on January 2019, is so popular cafe that we need to reserve seats and sweets. I ate apple pie and tea this time. The cinnamon and clove flavored ice cream added with the apple pie is also delicious. We can buy it to go, but I want you to eat it inside the cafe.


Nana's Green Tea


Matcha Parfait Of A Japanese Tea Specialty Shop

Matcha Raw-chocolate Parfait and Matcha Shiratama (small rice cake ball) Parfait of a green tea specialty shop. The aroma of Matcha make the sweetness more delicious!