Best Tourist Spots In Tsushimanomiya

Here're best Tourist Spots in Tsushimanomiya, Kagawa. We released a ranking of reviews about Tourist Spots posted by travelers and locals who have actually been to Tsushimanomiya.

Best Tourist Spots In Tsushimanomiya [1-2]


Tsushima-no miya Station


Fans of Trains, Don't Miss. The Rare Station 'Tsushima no miya' Opens Only Two Days in a Year

I think fans of trains also are inpatient for the event. According to the Tsushima Shrine festival once a year, this rare station 'Tsushima no miya' opens for only two days.


Tsushima Jinja Shrine


The Shrine for Children on the Setouchi Sea whose Door Opens only Once a Year

They enshrine the god for children's health and growth. Floating 250m from the seashore on the Stouchi Sea, it's gate is opened only once a year. Many people all over Japan visit this big event to pray for the children's good health.


An Evening Scene of the Festival Day Praying For Children's Growth and Health

This annual event is held from early morning to the midnight, and the sunset is specially nice. After the sun setting, a fantastic light up of the shrine appears.