Best Restaurants In Kitanohakubaicho

Here're best Restaurants in Kitanohakubaicho, Kyoto. We released a ranking of reviews about Restaurants posted by travelers and locals who have actually been to Kitanohakubaicho.

Best Restaurants In Kitanohakubaicho [1-5]


Mille-feuille Of A Whole Peach

It's a cafe famous for photogenic mille-feuille! Only for this season, 'Whole Peach Mille-feuille' is now on sale. Inside the peach on the crispy pie, there're much of jelly! We can feel the happiness to eat a whole peach♡


Photogenic Mille-feuille

We can eat photogenic sweets in the chic room. Their mille-feuille with surprisingly crisp pie is a good-seller. The secret of this crispy texture is to bake as a finish after they take orders.


Mille-feuille Of Amaō Strawberry

It's so delicious mille-feuille whose crisp pie, strawberries and cream are excellently match. It's a little difficult to eat, but we never get tired of the tastes till the last bite. The strawberry tart my mother ate also looked delicious...


Panda no Sampomichi


Feel Sorry To Eat? Mitarashi Dango Of Cute Panda

Well sold at handmade market, mitarashi dango (rice cakes with sweetened soy sauce) named 'Pan-dango'. This shop offers freshly grilled one on the original panda plate, which makes it cuter. Not only its cute looks, I recommend it because of the deliciousness.◎Open: only Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. Only available while the stocks last. There're no seats, but you can eat freshly grilled soft ones. Also they have ordinary mitarashi dango.


So Lovely Panda Dumpling

The most-seller 'Pan-Dango' is lovely and delicious panda-shaped dumpling! They're good for cherry blossom viewing. The shop opens from 12:00 on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, and panda dumpling is sold while the stocks out!


Specially Made Sweets & Foods

Amaō Parfait, on sale from February, is sold from 2:00 in the afternoon and while the stocks last. As the cafe's name 'BY TWOTONE', we can enjoy two rooms with different atmosphere at this fashionable cafe.


A Fashionable And Restful Cafe In Kyoto

BY TWOTONE is located near the famous tourist spots like Kitano Tenman-gu Shrine and Kinkaku-ji Temple, and operates both hotel and cafe. They offer lemonade with lunch set meal, and prepare 5 kinds of lemonade, you can drink as much as you want!


High Quality Sandwich Of Dashimaki Omelet Though Coffee Shop

It's opened as a knot of Kyoto and NY. They offer a coffee that you can drink only here, but what most ordered is nothing but Dashimaki Sandwich. Fluffy dashimaki is excellent with a bun baked by a popular bakery in Kyoto.◎A side menu became a star menu. This dashimaki, cooked specially by a dashimaki shop, contains much dashi soup, so you can taste Kyoto style sandwich.


Beautiful Parfait In A Slender Glass

Cafe Monica was born again as Kitano Lab, and they decorate homemade confiture and syrup on the whole surface of the wall. Their beautiful and gorgeous parfaits are best-seller.