Best Restaurants In Gionshijo・Kawaramachi

Here're best Restaurants in Gionshijo・Kawaramachi, Kyoto. We released a ranking of reviews about Restaurants posted by travelers and locals who have actually been to Gionshijo・Kawaramachi.

Best Restaurants In Gionshijo・Kawaramachi [1-10]



Dessert Latte

ROCCA & FRIENDS TRUCK is a must-visit cafe when we travel in Kyoto. They offer dessert latte with full of Kyoto scenes. You can take pictures of them against the background of Yasaka Pagoda.

ROCCA FRIENDS&TRUCK located near Yasaka-no Tou (Houkan-ji Temple). Their Matcha Latte is delicious and full of lovely things of Kyoto. You can take nice photos with Yasaka Koshin-do nearby, which is famous as a photogenic spot.

Houjicha Latte (left) and Matcha Latte (right) with fancy and Kyoto-shaped cookies are very lovely♡ They're more massive than their appearances, so they'll make you full enough.

2Coffee Shop Soiree (Kissa Soware)

Coffee Shop Soiree offers a colorful and refreshing Jelly Punch in a room with retro interior decorations. They prepare some kinds of it, the tingling jelly punch with soda is a standard one. It can entertain you by its appearance, too.


Jelly Punch Like Jewels

Soiree's best-seller menu 'Jelly Punch' has fascinating five-color jelly sparkling like jewels. The lightly sweetened jelly is excellent for adults. What's more, I like the blue lighting makes retro atmosphere inside the cafe.



Beautiful Parfaits

Kyoka Matcha Parfait (available only at Shijo store), and Kogashi Kinako (roasted soy bean flour) Parfait. They're gorgeous parfaits with the beautiful appearance of layer and various texture. You can have Kinako on the table as many as you want, so you can enjoy them to the last spoon.◎The second store of Kissho Saryo was opened on 12/19.

I went to a reception of KISSHOKARYO Kyoto Shijo just opened on December 19th. We can have Kinako (soybean flour) Parfait, and Matcha Parfait which is sold at only Shijo store. Anything else, their Kinako Latte and soft cream are also delicious.


Though it's an aged and elegant coffee shop, its colorful toast breakfast has become the talk. Butter toast with six kinds of jam, a drink, fruit, vegetable juice and yogurt. It's only 450yen!◎Breakfast : 9:00~11:00, till the stocks out. It's sometime sold out at 10:00, so visit earlier. You don't need to order as a set meal.

At a good-old coffee shop, breakfast for only 10 dishes a day. Six kinds of jam on a thick-cut toast gorgeously. What's more, yoghurt with many fruit, vegetable juice, and coffee are served with the toast for only 450 yen.

5Japanese Ice Ouka


So Lovely Shaved Ice

We can eat shaved ice with lovely bear face! White bear (white syrup) and yellow bear (citrus) with cute small eyes❤ I like the shop white-based exterior.

61er ETAGE

1er ETAGE is a specialty shop of dried flowers, where many flowers make the relaxing atmosphere. They offer some kinds of drinks and one kind of sweet at a cafe in the shop. And dried flower bouquet to meet your budget.

【1er ETAGE】A cafe of a room decorated with antique furniture, and dried flowers that are made the most of their attractions. We can take breath in a nice room during our ramble around Kyoto.◎OPEN 12:00〜19:00

7Mugesanbou Salon de Muge

This café, opened in April 2017, offers us the taste and mood of KIKUNOI casually. You can eat delicious sweets in the hospitality same as Ryotei and beautiful Japanese garden.◎Café Time: 14:45~17:00 Lunch Time: lunch box 'Shigure-meshi Bento' starts at 11:00 and 13

Mugesanbou Salon de Muge has a air of quietness. The maccha parfait tastes very thick, and the seasonal parfait has many kinds of fruit to be able to enjoy autumn's harvest.◎Only parfait 1300 yen, with drink 2000 yen. Cafe's opening hours: 14:45-18:00 (L.O 17:00)

8Umezono Kiyomizu Store

The sweet shop is at Sannen zaka slope which leads to Kiyomizu temple. The Mitarashi dango (a dumpling covered with kuzu sauce seasoned with soy sauce and sugar) is good for people tired from walking on the slope. Because it is not big, I can eat 5 sticks. And a fresh warm one is exceptional.

9% ARABICA Kyoto Higashiyama


Tasty And Chic Coffee

% ARABICA Kyoto Higashiyama is a coffee shop offering so tasty coffee that there's a line of people to buy. Many people enjoy taking pictures of its coffee with colorful balls at Yasaka Koshin-do Temple located near here.

10Oniku-no Oshushi (Meat Sushi) Kyoto Gion

Colorful 'Gyusen Don' to eat Matsuzaka Beef flake mixed with yolk. The beef and pickles on the plate, also white-miso soup are all delicious and beautiful, which is a photogenic lunch. We can't book for lunch.

The restaurant buys a whole Matsuzaka Beef at once, so customers can eat lower-priced lunch of high quality beef. This 'Gyu-sen Don' is displayed gorgeously on a plate, so we can enjoy both its appearance and taste.