Best Restaurants In Gojo

Here're best Restaurants in Gojo, Kyoto. We released a ranking of reviews about Restaurants posted by travelers and locals who have actually been to Gojo.

Best Restaurants In Gojo [1-4]

1Walden Woods Kyoto

A cafe named 'Walden Woods' with impressive lantern lights. The original style which has unified white interiors and no tables has become the center of attention just after it opened. Their homemade coffee and Chai Tea made one by one after ordered are very tasty!◎Open: 9:00-19:00 Irregular Holidays See the details in Instagram (

Walden Woods Kyoto is a cafe offers home-roasted coffee and chai tea. Its second floor has no tables, people can sit and lie down freely as they like.

As you go up the stairs with lanterns lined on each steps, you'll find a pure white world spreading to the whole room. We can have tasty home-roasted coffee and chai tea with some spices. There're no tables and chairs, so that we have a pleasant time.

2CAFE attmos.


Beautiful Open Sandwiches

CAFE attmos. has just opened on 8/1 in Gojo, Kyoto. Their autumn menu starts from September, pear open sandwich has so beautiful rose-shaped pear and is really delicious.


Teori Zushi' has dishes of Kyoto foodstuffs and tempura, and it's so beautiful, cute, fashionable that I feel pity for eating. In a comfortable restaurant, it would be unique and interesting for you to roll it by yourselves.◎There're three restaurants in the city and they're different each other. You need to check beforehand whether reservation is needed or not. Sorry, but under 12 years old children can't use the restaurant.

4KAEru coffee


Many Ornaments Of Frog

There're many ornaments of frog here and there in this cafe, and they're very lovely. We can choose scone from 4 kinds for 200 yen and they're nice in size. The cafe latte also tasted mild, and I cold feel warmth in mind.