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Address:Oitomi-cho, Ayabe-shi, Kyoto

Gregarious Japanese irises was unexpectedly found by a photographer a few years ago. At the time of full-bloom, the whole scenery even the face of a mountain is wrapped in a white world of Japanese irises.◎One report says there're as many as 4 million flowers there. The best season to see is May. During the period, a rest place is prepared. Parking lot is free.


GUNZE Museum

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Address:1 Zeze Aono-cho, Ayabe-shi, Kyoto

A famous maker of underwear, GUNZE was born actually in here Ayabe. At 'Ayabe Gunze Square' near a head office building, there are many exhibitions of historical records and machines used from their foundation to the present time. They explain clearly the process of making threads from cocoons.◎Open: 10:00-16:00 Holiday: Tuesdays Nearby GUNZE Memorial Museum opens only on Fridays. Entrance Fee: free No photos except for some parts.


Address:1-2 Kamenashi Aono-cho, Ayabe-shi, Kyoto




AYABE ROSE GARDEN has 120 kinds and 1200 trees of roses. The citizens and volunteers take care of the roses which are worth seeing including 'Souvenir d'Anne Frank' presented by Anne's father.◎Spring Rose Festival held from May to June, many people visit here. 9:00~17:00 No holidays during the festival. No admission fee.

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