Best Tourist Spots In Chikuma-shi

Here're best Tourist Spots in Chikuma-shi, Nagano. We released a ranking of reviews about Tourist Spots posted by travelers and locals who have actually been to Chikuma-shi.

Best Tourist Spots In Chikuma-shi [1-3]


Obasute Station


One Of The Three Most Scenic Train Stations Commanding Seasonal Zenkoji Daira Basin

Obasute Station, one of the three most scenic train stations in Japan, is located at the top of steep slope, and the train climbs by the method called switch-buck, that is rare in Japan. On the top of the slope, you can see the beautiful scenery of Zenkoji Daira Basin, such as apricot, cherry blossoms, and Obasute terraced rice fields known for 'the moon reflected in all rice fields (Tagoto-no Tsuki)'.◎Parking area is available. By car, 15 min from Koshoku IC of Nagao Speedway. 3 min from Obasute SA Smart Inter. You can enter the station for free.


Apricot Village (Anzu-no Sato)


This Is The Japanese Mountain Spring! The Biggest Place Of Apricot Farming

After you're satisfied with cherry blossoms, why don't you go to see the lovely apricot blossoms? In the grand scenery, clear air, and gentle fragrance of spring, you can enjoy walking in the mountains leisurely.◎The best season to see is late March to April. The roads get crowded during the season. You need to park your cars in specified toll parking areas. Apricot Ice Cream 350 yen.


Fresh, Not Circulated Hot Spring & Various Foods Of Beautiful Onsen Facility

Though Togura-ueyamada Onsen has a long history, this is a modern onsen facility. In a spacious building, there're a bakery and many stylish sofas to spend leisurely. Some lessons such as handicraft are held here, it's popular as a relaxing place for the citizens.◎The nearest station is Togura, but it's better to use cars. You can enjoy pasty, mild hot spring good for your skin.