Best Tourist Spots In Nagano

Here're best Tourist Spots in Nagano. We released a ranking of reviews about Tourist Spots posted by travelers and locals who have actually been to Nagano.

Best Tourist Spots In Nagano [1-10]


It's the wonderful scenery created by the nature. Colored leaves are like painting and a pond of clear water reflects the sky to be beautiful cobalt blue.

Kamikochi is designated as a Japanese Natural Monument. You can enjoy pleasant hiking in the beautiful great nature. When you're hungry, take a rest in the shade of a tree, and the lunch you eat in front of the clear Azusa River tastes excellent.

2Mishaka-ike Pond

In the world of painting 'Vibrant Green' by Kaii Higashiyama, a thick fog falls, flows then disperses. I wanted to see the mystic scene changing every moment.


Pond In Autumn Colors

In the season of autumn colors, the reflection on the pond is wonderful. Famous Suwa Lake is near here, you can see both of the beautiful lakes.

3Totaka Castle Site

There're many cherry trees in Takato Castle Site Park, and you can feel like to be wrapped in the blossoms! This cherry blossoms is named as 'Takato Kohigan Zakura' with small lovely pink blossoms. On this day, it snowed and I could enjoy fantastic scenery of cherry blossoms and snow!◎I went by car. There's parking area, though it's very crowded. Bus is available from Inashi Station or Chino Station, but you need to check the latest information.

4Beautiful Tower (Uruwashi-no Tou)

Uruwashi-no Tou is a symbolic tower of Utsukushigahara Highlands. You can see the clouds stretch below if the weather is good, and enjoy hiking at this wonderful location.

'Beautiful Tower (Uruwashi-no Tou) standing at Utsukushi-gahara Highlands in Nagasaki Prefecture. As the name says, there're beautiful scenery there. Because it's located in the high altitude, it's very nice place to see stars! But, it's so cold that we need winter clothes!

5Togakushi Inner Shrine

The Japanese cedar trees since 2000 years ago lined along the street are overwhelming themselves. One of the attraction of this place is various expressions of each season.

An inner shrine at the foot of a sacred mountain Togakushi. Its 2km approach of the shrine is a row of Japanese cedars which are over 400 years old. Beyond the solemn and sacred approach, you can find the historical atmosphere that has been believed since the ancient times. You must feel your mind filled up.◎Access: about 1 hour from Nagano IC of Joetsu Speedway. Easy-walking and safe clothes are better.

6JIGOKUDANI Wild Snow Monkey Park

You can meet Japanese snow monkeys, which are popular among tourists from the world, at a hot spring town Yamano'uchi-machi with lots of snow. You can see a rare behavior of monkeys in only winter, and pretty faces of monkeys like a human taking onsen.◎Access: 20 min by car from Shinshu Nakano IC of Joetsu Speed Way. Entrance fee: adult 800yen, child 400yen. There're lots of snow and you need to walk on the mountain path. Winter clothes and easy-walking clothes.

Though in the severe environment covered with snow almost one third of a year, there's a group of Japanese Monkey living here. In winter, tourist can see these snow monkeys taking onsen hot spring. There's a onsen town near here, you can enjoy traveling, too.

7Shibu Touge Pass

Shiga-Kusatsu Kogen Route running along the Gumma-Nagano border is located at the highest position of Japan's national routes. From here, green carpets of gregarious bamboo, red and yellow dots of shrubs are seen like a autumn colored diorama.

Seen from Shibu Touge Pass located at the prefectural border of Nagano and Gunma, the autumn colors of Yoshigadaira Wetland is very fantastic. In early morning, sometimes we can see the sea of clouds covering the land.

8Matsumoto Castle

Matsumoto Castle has different appearances in each season. The castle tower is illuminated throughout the year. And a season of cherry blossoms is going to start now. The bright castle tower in the darkest sky, and cherry trees around the moat are so beautiful that you may forget the time.◎Admission for the castle tower: adult ¥610, child ¥300. Access: 15 minutes walk from JR Matsumoto Station. Illumination starts after the cherry trees come into blossom.

I could see the castle as a national treasure, and learn the construction at that time. Then, I met some lovely rabbits.

9Cherry Blossom At Chikuma River Bank

Impressive cherry blossoms are so thick and even they hide the sky!! The cherry blossom trees are lined as long as 4 km, so we can feel refreshed very much. They become in full-bloom at the early May, later than other places.

Near Obuse Bridge, on the bank of Chikuma River, there's a place called 'Sakura Zutsumi', and has 600 trees of double cherry blossom 'Ichiyo' planted as long as 4 kilometers away. They become the best to see during the Golden Week Holidays in May.