Best Winter Destinations In Kyoto-shi

Here're best Winter Destinations in Kyoto-shi, Kyoto. We released a ranking of reviews about Winter Destinations posted by travelers and locals who have actually been to Kyoto-shi.

Best Winter Destinations In Kyoto-shi [1-8]


Must See Someday! Kinkaku-ji Shining With Pure White Snow

After it snows in Kyoto City, shrines and temples of world heritages can change completely. Especially, winter Kinkaku-ji is so beautiful like this pics! Many people from all over the world come to see this golden pavilion, and sometimes there're a line of people for the snowscape worth visiting in spite of a cold weather!◎If the cold wave comes in Kyoto City and the snow clouds comes at the same time, it's a chance to see Kinkakuji in the snow. (I took these pics on snowy day in 2011 and 2017, I decided to visit by the weather forecast two days before.) You need to leave before the snow melts. Bus is available from Kyoto Station. Leave with time to spare on snowy days.


Kinkaku-ji Covered With Snow In Winter

Snow has just arrived at Kinkaku-ji because of this cold wave. The snow covers a few times during winter, so this is very rare scenery. The beauty of Japanese winter, it's so beautiful.


Beautiful Scenery Of Lanterns And Snow

I visited Kifune Shrine to see its snow-covered scenery in the early morning. There're a few people, and I could have this beautiful scene all to my self, which was a gorgeous time. I walked from the station because there're no bus services in the early morning though, the snowy scenery on the way was also beautiful.◎Access: Take Kyoto Bus from Kifuneguchi Station of Eizan Railway to Kifune. Or, 30 min walk (2 km) from Kifuneguchi.


Tenryu Temple


Good Fortune By Mame-maki & Walking Around The Seven Deities! Setsubun-kai At A World Heritage Site

Here is not an ordinary Setsubun-kai, people walk around the pagodas of Zen Buddhism and gather the charms of the Seven Deities. There're many people with 'good luck bamboo grass' in their hands at the precinct. The sponsors throw roasted beans (mame-maki) and say 'in with fortune' (huku wa uchi). Let's take in lots of good fortune!


Keage Incline


Discontinued Line In Winter

Many famous tourist spots become snow landscape in Kyoto. But, Keage Incline hardly ever be covered with snow, and its snow landscape can be seen only when it snows so much. So, I was very excited to be able to take this pictures.


Jellyfish Fans Shouldn't Miss! An Interactive Art Of Kyoto Aquarium

A lots of jellyfish appeared in aromatic and dark room create a very fantasy world with unexpected light effects. How about being healed by the swinging jellyfish in this winter?


Hourin-ji Temple (Daruma Temple)


Wish Upon 8000 Daruma Dolls! Setsubun Festival With Many Daruma

The reason for the name 'Daruma Temple', over 8000 various daruma are installed in the precinct. Its Setsubun festival is well-known, it's the custom for people to put the wish charms on daruma on theses days. The last day, the daruma is covered with many charms and becomes white!


You Can Buy On Only Days Of Setsubun Festival! 'Specialty Daruma Yaki' With A Joyous Brand Of Daruma

Sold at the precinct, Daruma-yaki is a kind of rare because it can be seen only on 2/2 and 3. It's even good after it gets cold because of much egg, and very popular enough for people to make a line to buy. Enjoy it together with Setsubun Festival!