Best Restaurants With Delicious Bread In Kyoto-shi

Here're best Restaurants With Delicious Bread in Kyoto-shi, Kyoto. We released a ranking of reviews about Restaurants With Delicious Bread posted by travelers and locals who have actually been to Kyoto-shi.

Best Restaurants With Delicious Bread In Kyoto-shi [1-8]


Ice Cream Soda & Anko-Butter Toast

Kissa Zou has just opened in Kyoto, as the third store of Zoumeshiya managed by a miso specialty shop in Nagoya. Ice cream soda with elephant cookie, and anko-butter toast. Their glass, plates and also the interior are all retro and lovely.


Ice Cream Soda With Elephant Cookie

Kissa Zou is a cafe with good-old atmosphere that has just opened on 4/11! Their best-seller ice cream soda has a variation of red, blue and green, and has a lovely 'cookie of Zou (elephant)' as a topping. An-butter Toast (azuki bean jam with butter) for only this Kyoto store is best for breakfast!


Breakfast For Only 10 Dishes A Day

At a good-old coffee shop, breakfast for only 10 dishes a day. Six kinds of jam on a thick-cut toast gorgeously. What's more, yoghurt with many fruit, vegetable juice, and coffee are served with the toast for only 450 yen.


Cold Buns Of A Specialty Cafe Of Hot Dog Buns

HAPPY BUNS is a specialty cafe of coffee and buns, and you can eat frozen cold buns. They offer different drinks every month. In September, espresso with plum soda!


Cafe With The Condensation Of Kyoto's Now. Such As Kyo-vegetable Sandwiches & Tableware By Kyoto Artists

Such as foods and drinks of vegetables grown in Kyoto, and original tableware of Kyoto artists, you can feel what Kyoto is now at this cafe. Their main menu, Kyo-vegetable sandwiches are very delicious for the superb balance of soft bread baked by a famous bakery and fresh vegetables delivered directly from the farms.


miffy sakura bakery


Lovely And Delicious 'miffy Bread'

It's a lovely store with a theme of 'miffy and Japan'. And miffy sakura bakery offers lovely, delicious and various 'miffy bread'. There're full of 'kawaii' in this store.◎It opened on October 3rd in Arashiyama.


High Quality Sandwich Of Dashimaki Omelet Though Coffee Shop

It's opened as a knot of Kyoto and NY. They offer a coffee that you can drink only here, but what most ordered is nothing but Dashimaki Sandwich. Fluffy dashimaki is excellent with a bun baked by a popular bakery in Kyoto.◎A side menu became a star menu. This dashimaki, cooked specially by a dashimaki shop, contains much dashi soup, so you can taste Kyoto style sandwich.


Radio Bagel‎


Delicious Bagel With Good Rice-Cake Texture

Fresh strawberry cream cheese is now on sale for only this season. You can choose bagels from various kinds. In fact, it has appeared in a Japanese comic 'Breakfast at Tiffany's Someday', as a delicious bagel shop.


Photogenic Sandwich

'Tofu & Vegetable Spice Marinate Sandwich' with lovely clown pick is the best-seller! It's healthy for tofu and many vegetables, and also has sufficient amount! ME ME ME is a fashionable cafe in Kyoto.