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Instagrammable Shaved Ice

Address:4-4-4 Asakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo

Access:10 min walk from Asakusa Station. 25 min by car or taxi from Shinagawa Station.




Top Review:Parfait Of Watermelon & Melon Tower Completely Covering Shaved Ice Inside

Watermelon and melon's special shaved ice that we can decide how many layers we want. We ordered three-layer, they offered four-layer one because they made us wait. The appearance was impressive of course, and also the delicious fruit that had matured to the best time to eat surprised us with the deliciousness!

Peach Shaved Ice


6 Review

Address:754-18 Shinke-cho, Sakai-shi, Osaka, Japan

Access:9 min walk, from Shirasagi Station


Hours:11:00-17:30 [Tri・Sat]11:00-17:30,18:00-24:00


Top Review:Beautiful Shaved Ice with Plenty of Peaches

A whole piece of fresh peach is topped on ice with plenty of peach syrup. Inside is a special sauce of mascarpone cream and berries! The peaches are fresh and delicious, the peach syrup is rich, and the lightness of the mascarpone matches, so it's really delicious! Even if it melts, it feels like a peach frappuccino, and it's also delicious, and even if it melts, it's delicious!

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