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Address:Takadono-cho , Kashihara-shi, Nara

Access:By bus, 20min from Yagi Station to Kashihara City's Fujiwara Palace Site Library, then walk 2min. By car, 15min from Yamato Takada Bypass.

Top Review:Amazing! So Magnificent Springtime Scenery

The magnificent flower fields of canola flower, cherry blossom, and beautiful sky! When all of the three appears at the same time, we can see a photogenic harmony of springtime.


Address:Imahama-cho, Moriyama-shi, Shiga

Access:25 min by bus from Moriyama Station to Daiichi Nagisa Park. 35 min by car or taxi from Otsu Station.

Top Review:Beautiful Scenery Of Canola Flowers & Lake Biwa

Daiichi Nagisa Park has early canola flowers. Canola flower would bloom in spring though, we can see them from around January. What's more, on sunny days, I like this beautiful scenery of mountains and Lake Bia behind the flowers.


Address:Hamayabu, Horikiri-cho, Tahara-shi, Aichi

Access:30 min by car or taxi from Mikawatahara Station. 50 min by bus from Mikawatahara Station.

Top Review:Carpet Of Canola Flower & Happy Yellow Mailbox

The canola flower festival tells that spring has come to Irago Cape of Atsumi Peninsula. There're many places to take pictures, a carpet of canola flower, happy yellow mailbox (you cannot post letters), and cradle bench.


Address:Kawazu-cho, Kamo-gun, Shizuoka

Access:10 min walk from Kawazu Station

Top Review:Deep-Pink Early Cherry Blossom 'Kawazu Zakura' & Yellow Canola Flowers

Kawazu Zakura Festival is annually held from February to March. Kawazu cherry blossom and canola flowers blooming at the riverside. I like this lovely colors of pink and yellow.


Address:2951 Matsuda-souryo Matsuda-machi, Ashigarakami-gun, Kanagawa




Top Review:Kawazu Cherry Blossoms With Mt. Fuji & Also Shining Night View

Mount Matsuda is one of the 100 best spots to view Mt. Fuji. The early cherry blossom Kawazu Zakura has been in the full bloom, you can see Mt. Fuji, Kawazu cherry blossoms and canola flowers together. What's more, you can enjoy night cherry blossom viewing with the shining night view of Ashigara Plain.◎Access: By car, 10min from Tomei Oi Matsuda IC. Toll parking areas are available. By train, from Matsuda Station (Odakyu Odawara Line or JR Gotemba Line), the direct shuttle bus is available for 150yen. There's also a walking route. Festival: until March 11th in 2018. Entrance fee is free.


Address:Shimogamo, Minami Izu-cho, Kamo-gun, Shizuoka

Access:20 min by car or taxi from Shimoda Station. 24 min by bus from Shimoda Station to Kujobashi, then 3 min walk.

Top Review:A Beautiful Spot where the Collaboration between Rape Blossoms Blooming on the Bank and Kawazu Cherry Blossoms

Dark pink "Kawazu cherry blossoms" known for their early blooms Approximately 800 Kawazu cherry blossoms are in full bloom every year from mid-February to early March. Although it is canceled, we also hold a night cherry blossom light-up during the cherry blossom festival.


Address:245-5 Kabuto Minami-machi, Kasaoka-shi, Okayama

Access:10 min by car, from Kasahara Station

Top Review:Rape Field in Full Bloom

Kasaoka Bay Farm in Kasaoka City, Okayama Prefecture. This is a roadside station where you can find local agricultural products and fresh fish, but you can also enjoy various flower fields depending on the season! From January to February, the rape blossoms are in full bloom, so I went to see the rape blossoms in full bloom. I am grateful that the parking lot is free.


Address:1084 Yamanishi, Ninomiya-machi, Naka-gun, Kanagawa

Access:5 min walk from Ninomiya Station. 90 min by car from Yokohama Station

Top Review:Collaboration Of Mt. Fuji And Canola Flowers

Azuyama Park has already a field of canola flowers in January. If the weather is good, we can see Mt. Fuji and the sea over the canola flowers. There're 300 steps to climb the mountain, so you need sneakers.


Address:684 Nakanishigawa, Kagami-cho, Konan-shi, Kochi

Access:25 min by car or taxi from Kagami Station

Top Review:Full Bloom Peach, Cherry And Canola Flowers Like A Fairyland!

Many flower-peach, cherry blossom, and canola flowers become full bloom, and we can enjoy spring scenery. Though it's beautiful to look from a distance, we can walk up under these trees! The scenery overlooked from high position is also breathtaking, and beautiful like a fairyland.


Address:307, Minamiizu, Kamo-gun, Shizuoka, Japan

Access:15 min by car, from Shimoda Station

Top Review:Vast Field of Rape Blossoms that is Also Used for TV Commercials

The best time to see the rape field (the field of rape blossoms of energetic peasants) is from the beginning of February to the end of March every year. It is recommended to enjoy Shizuoka's representative rape field, which blooms on a site of about 30,000 m2, together with the Minami Sakura and Rape Flower Festival!


Address:Sakurakubo, Taki, Miharu-machi, Tamura-gun, Fukushima

Access:By car, 15min from Miharu IC, 15min from Miharu Station

Top Review:As A Natural Monument And One Of The Three Greatest Cherry Blossom Tree In Japan, Takizakura In The Daylight

I've visited here two times, this cherry blossom showed me different appearances each year. How many times I meet this tree, its strength and beauty make me surprised. Somei Yoshino cherry blossoms and canola flowers behind Miharu Takizakura are also in their best. I could enjoy this gorgeous scenery very much.◎People need to pay 300 yen during the blossom season just after the next day of blooming. Access: Bus is available from JR Miharu Station during the season of cherry blossom. By car, 20 min from Funehiki Miharu IC of Ban'etsu Speedway, or 30 min from Koriyama Higashi IC.


Address:2518-2 Kamimiyada Minamishitauramachi, Miura-shi, Kanagawa


Top Review:Spring Has Come In Miura Peninsula! Collaboration Of Kawazu-zakura & A Stylish Keikyu Train

Kawazu-zakura cherry blossoms in Miura Peninsula can be seen in the area of a railway track of Keihin Express. Vivid color early cherry blossoms and deep yellow canola flowers of the peninsula reaches their best season in February. And, if a train with unique coloring comes into the scenery, it becomes more beautiful that makes you want to take pictures.



1 Review

Address:108 Kawaminami Yufuin-cho, Yufu-shi, Oita


Top Review:Mt. Yufu-dake The Sacred Seen From Yufuin. It Gets Warm And Canola Flowers Blooms To Tell The Coming Of Spring

Mt.Yufu-dake is a symbol of Yufuin. From now to early spring, it'll be nice to view it from a bank along Oita River flowing in the center of the town. The scenery of cherry blossoms that begin to bloom after canola flowers is famous as a location of TV dramas. You can enjoy the early spring in Kyushu Region.


Address:746 Eda Kamibun Kamiyama-cho, Myozai-gun, Tokushima

Top Review:A Signal For Great Spring♪ Terraced Rice Fields Colored Yellow With Canola Flowers

Terraced rice fields spread at this Eta area of Kamiyama-cho, Tokushima. With the spring arrival, the canola flowers dye the terraced fields, and I want you to see it once! Walk up a little, and look over the whole of the scenery♪◎Best season in the end of March. You can go there by car. There're parking lots near the gate, and it's good to walk from there.


Address:Orono Kamiyama-cho, Myozai-gun, Tokushima

Top Review:Aiming To Be No.1 In Japan, A Beautiful Countryside With Weeping Cherry Blossoms

Kamiyama-cho, Tokushima, aims to become the most beautiful town of weeping cherry blossoms in Japan. Weeping cherry trees and canola flowers are planted mainly National Route 438 and all over the town, and they are so photogenic! It's no problem to say here as No.1 in Japan.◎Season: the beginning of April. Access: by car. There're many view spots all over the town. In the period of full bloom, so many people visit here that the routes will get choked with traffic.


Address:2865-4 Kusumoto, Awaji-shi, Hyogo

Access:By car, 12 min from Awaji IC, 10 min from Higashiura IC.



Top Review:Canola Flower Field

You can make nice memories with your families, friends and boyfriends. The canola flowers are shifted to bloom various terms, so as to see the full-bloom flowers whenever we visit here. I think it's nice to visit in May when the temperature becomes warm.


Address:3226-1 Nakamatsu Minami-Aso-mura, Aso-gun, Kumamoto

Access:60min by car from Kumamoto IC. 15min walk from Makamatsu Station.

Top Review:Canola Flowers & Cherry Blossoms Painting Spring Aso Beautifully

Located at South Aso, Isshingyo Great Cherry Blossom is a famous place where many people visit in spring. To the scenery of an isolated cherry blossom tree, which is over 400 years old, and the canola flowers at the foot of it, I can say nothing but wonderful.


Address:98-62 Mameda Yokohama-machi, Kamikita-gun, Aomori

Access:By car, 120 min from Aomori Airport, 80 min from Shimodamomoishi IC, 80 min from Aomori Higashi (East) IC, or 15 min from Mutsu Yokohama Station. By bus, 50 min from Nohe Station to Mameda, then 20 min walk, or 40 min from Mutsu Bus Terminal to Mameda, then 20 min walk.

Top Review:Canola Flower In May In Yokohama! Japan's Largest Canola Flower Field

It's not a famous Yokohama in Kanagawa Prefecture, but it's Yokohama in Mutsu Peninsula, Aomori Prefecture. There're canola flower fields whose acreage for planting is the largest in Japan, and they become their best from the mid to the end of May! You can enjoy them with your five senses, such as canola flower maze and canola flower doughnut.◎This address shows the main place of Canola Flower Festival. There're flower fields in some other places, and, if it's sunny, you can see the Mt. Fukkoshieboshi and Mt. Kamafuse over the Mutsu Bay with canola flowers. A road station Yokohama's 'Nanohana Plaza' has some canola flower foods. To access here, you should ordinary use car, taxi, or bus. During some events, there's sometimes free shuttle bus available from JR Mustu Yokohama Station.


Koiwai Farm

1 Review

Address:36-1 Maruyachi Shizukuishi-cho, Iwate-gun, Iwate

Access:By car, 15 min from Morioka IC, 15 min from Koiwai Station. Parking area is available. By bus, 40 min from Morioka Station to Koiwai Nojo Makiba-en.

Top Review:Canola Flower Field Extending On The Straight As Far As I Can See

Located 20 min walk from Koiwai Farm Park, there're fields of grass and canola flowers extending on the straight from Koiwai Farm Acres. You can see the great contrast of the blue sky, canola flowers and Mt. Iwate!◎20 min walk from Koiwai Farm Park to the canola flower field, but you can access by car easily!


Address:Ebetsuotsu-cho, Takikawa-shi, Hokkaido

Access:By car, 20 min from Takikawa IC, 30 min from Takikawa Station. During the festival, Nanohana Bus is available from Road Station Takikawa

Top Review:Splendid Yellow Scenery! Japan's Best Canola Flower Festival

Takikawa Nanohana (Canola Flower) Festival, took place in Takikawa City of Hokkaido, is said to be the best one in Japan. Everyone, the splendid yellow scenery in the huge site, is worth while visiting. Canola Flower Festival is May 26th and 27th in 2018.◎Canola Flower Festival is May 26 and 27 in 2018. Canola Flower Week: May 23-29. During the week, Nanohana taxi, rental bicycle, observatory, and toll parking area are available. To get more details, please check the link.


Address:51 Asahi Kucchan-cho, Abuta-gun, Hokkaido

Access:15 min from JR Kucchancho Station. By car, 100 min from Sapporo Station.

Top Review:Three Colors Collaboration Of Mt. Yotei, Canola Flowers & Pink Moss

The private garden is opened through the kind offices of Mishima Family. From the end of May to the early June is the best season to see, the colorful pink moss and yellow canola flowers bloom beautifully in the large garden. There're a few parking lots, please enjoy with good manner.


Address:Hin'no Minami Izu, Kamo-gun, Shizuoka

Access:15 min by car from Shimoda Station

Top Review:The Yellow World Of Canola Flowers

Canola Flower Festival in Minami Izu, Shizuoka Prefecture. There're canola flowers to the whole site like a yellow world! It's near Minami Cherry Blossom & Canola Flower Festival, so you can enjoy both at the same time! Here, you can enjoy flowers even after cherry blossoms are over.


Address:Kuwatayama Otsu, Susaki-shi, Kochi

Access:5 min by car or taxi from Gosou Station

Top Review:Winter Cherry Blossoms & Canola Flowers

Winter cherry blossom begins to bloom in early spring, from the middle of February to the middle of March. I like this beautiful contrast of pink and yellow.

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Address:Takadono-cho , Kashihara-shi, Nara

Access:By bus, 20min from Yagi Station to Kashihara City's Fujiwara Palace Site Library, then walk 2min. By car, 15min from Yamato Takada Bypass.

Top Review:Amazing! So Magnificent Springtime Scenery

The magnificent flower fields of canola flower, cherry blossom, and beautiful sky! When all of the three appears at the same time, we can see a photogenic harmony of springtime.