Best Shops Of Strawberry Sweets In Aichi

Here're best Shops Of Strawberry Sweets in Aichi. We released a ranking of reviews about Shops Of Strawberry Sweets posted by travelers and locals who have actually been to Aichi.

Best Shops Of Strawberry Sweets In Aichi [1-2]


Kafe Lunsjpause


Delicious Desserts With Strawberry At Its Best Season

Rolled cake and tart with strawberries at their best season to eat. They're really delicious!


With Edible Butterflies! A Seasonal Strawberry Parfait

The antique-like building has a cafe at the fist floor, and a restaurant at the second. Also its garden and chapel, all of this place are very lovely and photogenic. Their strawberry parfait is decorated with butterflies made from edible papers.