Best Sweet Shops In Aichi

Here're best Sweet Shops in Aichi. We released a ranking of reviews about Sweet Shops posted by travelers and locals who have actually been to Aichi.

Best Sweet Shops In Aichi [1-10]


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Delicious Desserts With Strawberry At Its Best Season

Rolled cake and tart with strawberries at their best season to eat. They're really delicious!


Freshly Cooked Desserts By A Woman Pastry Chef Trained At Paris & Tokyo

Lyrique is a specialty shop of dessert plate which is known as a gorgeous dessert served at the end of course dishes. It looks beautiful, makes the most of the foodstuffs, and has refined tastes in the sweetness. I want to eat it every season.




A Skilled Pastry Chef Become The Best In Japan Two Times

In the lovely and antique-like shop, there're many kinds of French confectionery, such as fresh or baked cakes, bread, chocolate, confiture, pâtes de fruits. I like the strawberry cakes in this season.


Homemade Almost! A Seasonal Parfait Of A Renovated Cafe

Their parfait are taken time to cook carefully, and the ingredients are all homemade except for fruit. There're no extra things, all things from top to bottom are delicious. What's more, it's a beautiful dessert, isn't it?


Lovely Cakes Fascinate Our Hearts

A cafe in a relaxing room which is fashionable and lovely anywhere inside. The Aladdin stoves make our hearts and bodies warm. And there're many so lovely cakes in the showcase that I can't choose, and the offered one for me is very fascinating! The seats are comfortable and we can enjoy calm and relaxing time.


Lunch & Sweets To Eat In A Relaxing Room

It's a chic cafe located Okazaki, a suburb of Nagoya. I like its lunch omelet which has Japanese tastes pilaf in it. The vegetable are colorful, and among them, the fried carrot is surprisingly delicious. People who don't like carrots will say 'delicious' to it. What's more, their sweets are delicious, I love it very much.




Lovely Cakes & Fashionable Drinks

I ate a scone of strawberry and Houji tea (roasted Japanese tea), and strawberry royal milk tea. Various kinds of seasonal caked that we can eat only this season, and various drinks with full of originality, fascinate us so much that we want to visit here many times. What's more, I like this lovely interior that has just renewed!


Sweets Shop Slow


A Whole Cake Attracts Women's Hearts

A whole cake named 'LADY'. If you're cerebrated with such a lovely cake, you can have a happy year. This cake of course, it offers various kinds of cream puff, which are good-seller, they all have unique appearances and tastes.


With Edible Butterflies! A Seasonal Strawberry Parfait

The antique-like building has a cafe at the fist floor, and a restaurant at the second. Also its garden and chapel, all of this place are very lovely and photogenic. Their strawberry parfait is decorated with butterflies made from edible papers.




Photogenic Sweets Time

THE FLOWER TABLE is in Nagoya, Aichi Pref, and a bistro-cafe located at the third floor of Mitsukoshi. So satisfying sweets for the appearances and tastes. Supervised by Mr. Ishii, a chef of a famous French restaurant Sincere, so not only sweets but also food are delicious. If you follow its Instagram, they increase petals. You can buy drinks to go.