Best Sushi Restaurants In Aichi

Here're best Sushi Restaurants in Aichi. We released a ranking of reviews about Sushi Restaurants posted by travelers and locals who have actually been to Aichi.

Best Sushi Restaurants In Aichi [1-5]


Sushisho's Specialty! Hand-Served Sea Urchin Egg

Sushisho's chef had trained his skill at sushi and kappo restaurants in Nagoya, then opened his own at Nishiki. I saw his passion for the foodstuffs and sushi rice, and was really satisfied with the course cuisine of side dishes and sushi.


Sushi Of Rice Vinegar Or Red Vinegar Used Properly For The Seafoods

Their side dishes are all perfect, and nigiri sushi has easily-broken rice and supreme seafood cooked carefully. I can feel happiness at the moment I eat them. Anyway, Amaki is a representative sushi restaurant in Nagoya.


Sushi Shunbi Nishikawa


Strictly Selected Foodstuffs, A Little Addition, Supreme Rice, Become A Perfect Sushi

Sushi Shunbi Nishikawa moved from Kita-ku Shimizu to near Nagoya Station in September 2018. They prepare the highest quality seafood, and make the most of them to complete sushi. As we eat them one by one, we are all smiles for the deliciousness.


Sushi Hijikata


The Biggest Attraction Is The Rice! Elaborate & Elegant Sushi

There're seven counter-seats with the strong presence, in a room designed by cypress timbers. We can enjoy supreme seafood and sushi, together with the excellent skills of chefs in front of our eyes. They open only at night in 2-shifts, and offer a course dishes for 20,000 yen~.


Sushi Furukawa


Caviar On Hairy Crab! Creative Sushi Cooked By A Young Sushi Chef

Sushi Furukawa opened in 2016 at Nishiki, Nagoya. The main sushi chef is twenty five years old, so he opened his restaurant when he was just twenty two. He had been entrusted a sushi restaurant he worked for before since he was nineteen. He has little experience though, he always studies the good food combinations. Open only at night, full curse dishes for 20,000 yen.