Best Architectures In Aichi

Here're best Architectures in Aichi. We released a ranking of reviews about Architectures posted by travelers and locals who have actually been to Aichi.

Best Architectures In Aichi [1-10]


Meiko Toriton


Night View Of Meikou Toriton

The night illumination of Meikou Toriton (three bridges connecting Nagoya Port) is beautiful. Near from here, there're Nabana-no Sato, Nagashima Super Land, and Yokkaichi Complex is located in short distance.


The Whole Symbolic Bridge Of Nagoya Beautifully In A Picture

Meiko Toriton was built as a symbol of Nagoya and connects Ise Gulf Road! It was not lightened up when I went here to take pictures, but it would be lighted usually in some slots.


Hotei Daibutsu (Statue Of Buddha In Hotei)


Curious Spot! A Statue Of Buddha With Sunglasses

It's a curious spot you can see a statue of Buddha (Hotei's Daibutsu) wearing sunglasses! And its eyes flash in red when the lights blinks.◎Access: walk 10 or 15min from Hotei Station of Inuyama Line


Once A Stage Of Rapidly Changing Sengoku Battles! A Beautiful And Gallant Figure Facing To Kiso River

In the history of Inuyaka Castle, many famous Sengoku generals come onstage such as Oda, Toyotomi, Tokugawa and so on! A sidewalk of Kiso River is a little-known but good place to take pictures of it seen like a isolated castle standing on a mountain. It was very nice for 'A Party Taking Inuyama Pictures' who are well aware of the castle (a man wearing a yellow T-shirt) to entertain the visitors in a live way!


Meijimura Museum


Dismantled and Reconstructed Historic Valuable Buildings

You can see the buildings which have a historic values very close, and ride the steam locomotive actually. I feel a kind of nostalgic to the retro atmosphere.


The Scenery Of 'This Is Sakae'

I took this picture from Aichi Arts Center. I aimed Oasis 21 as a main object, Television Tower and buildings of Nagoya at the time of magic hour.◎From Sakae Station, you can take picture like this from Aichi Arts Center located next to Oasis 21.


The Old Shrine Crowded With People For Wedding & Shichigosan, Japanese Beautiful Traditions

One of the three sacred emblems, a sword of Kusanagi is enshrined here in old Atsuta Jingu. Around November, it gets crowded by cute children in their best clothes for Shichigosan (7,5,3years old children's ceremony), and a bride wearing Shiromuku (a white dress for Japanese traditional wedding). I want foreign people to see such a beautiful and traditional sights.


Antarctic Research Ship Fuji


Completed Antarctic Voyage For 18 Years. An Icebreaker Preserved As A Historical Monument

What is most outstanding is the vivid orange color of the moored ship body. People recall several scenes appearing some movies and TV series describing Antarctic research expeditions. Beside it at lawn square, there's a statue of Taro & Jiro, Sakhalin dogs that had survived in Antarctica.


Weighs About 88 Kg! Shining 'Golden Shachihoko'

Very Impressive pair of Shachihoko which is 2.5 meters long. Standing calmly near the urban district of public offices, Nagoya Castle was built by Tokugawa Ieyasu as the last preparation to conquer the whole country. Night illumination exaggerates the beauty of its white walls.


Moving World Expo Comes Buck To Mind! More Than 300 Exhibits And Vast Site Of Lush Plants

You can see the various presented exhibits at a memorial hall. And the large site harmonizing seasonal flowers and woods with modern architectures. It reminds us of Aichi World Expo theme 'wisdoms of nature'.


Building Above The River


Retro Buildings Standing On The River In Toyohashi

In Toyohashi, many people go toward Hirokoji Shopping District but don't go toward the building above the river. But they were built in Showa Era and its retro mood is worth visiting. You can enjoy some cafes and Japanese style bars, so I want you to visit once by any means!◎5 min walk from the east exit of Toyohashi Station.