Best Summer Destinations In Aichi

Here're best Summer Destinations in Aichi. We released a ranking of reviews about Summer Destinations posted by travelers and locals who have actually been to Aichi.

Best Summer Destinations In Aichi [1-9]


Wakeoe Shrine


Beautiful Hand-Purify Fountain At Wakeoe Shrine Famous For Its Red Stampbook

I just dropped by Wakeoe Shrine after shopping, but I was fascinated with the beautiful Temizusha (hand- purify fountain) that was seen only in this season. ◎Wakeoe Shrine is popular for the colorful stampbook (Gosyuin: monk write the seals with red ink). You can get a limited stampbook from 6/23-6/30. Please check out Facebook from the official web site.


Many Decorations For The Star Festival! A Big Summer Event Tanabata In Ichinomiya Town

Ichinomiya is a producing center of fabric. For this Masumida Shrine is a god for fabric, it has a strong relationship with Orihime (a princess who weaves cloth) appears in a legend of Tanabata. In the late July, Masumida Shrine and the town are decorated colorfully for Tanabata Star Festival. You can also enjoy shopping at many festival stalls!◎It's located walkable area from JR Owari Ichinomiya Station, or Meitestu Ichinomiya. Though there're some toll parking areas, public transportation will be better because the traffic is regulated.


Pacific Ocean Long Beach


Wondering Here's California In Japan? A Glittering Beach

The best beach in Aichi where surfers get together before dawn. The gold sunlight reflecting the surface makes me feel the beginning of the day. A poet Shimazaki Toson wrote 'Yashi-no mi (a cocoanut)' in Atsumi Peninsula as its scene. Here is wrapped up in the warm atmosphere like southern country.


The Surprising Cylinder Firework On Hand At Its Birthplace

I should say it's worthy to be the birthplace of cylinder firework on hand, both the number of fireworks and how they show fireworks are on a high level. You can see eye to eye with the firework-holders, and take pictures of their expressions.◎Toyohashi Gion Festival on July 20th in 2018. This year, the tripod is prohibited, but we can use monopod.


Tourist Farm Hana-Hiroba


Tourist Farm With Various Flowers In Each Season

I enjoyed summer with a stretch of sunflowers! We can take home up to three flowers if you want.◎Admission fees: adult 650 yen, child 300 yen. Opening hours 8:00-17:00. Free parking area is available. You can take pictures in costume, and enter with companion animals. Picking fruit is available in each season. Check the official web site.


Iragomisaki Lighthouse


The Lighthouse With The Beautiful Starry Sky

I took this picture on August 13th. When I just started to give up because of the clouds, the clouds disappeared and the sky showed me the great Milky Way. I love this collaboration of the lighthouse and the Milky Way.


Katahara Onsen Hydrangea Village


Over 50 Thousand Hydrangeas Renowned As A Photo Shoot Location In Tokai Region

Ajisai-no Sato (Hydrangea Village) located near Katahara Onsen is very photogenic as you see! For there're many slopes and the visibility opens widely, you can take pictures of landscape with many hydrangeas. What's more, the photos could be calm composition if you take the pond in. You can also enjoy the lighting show!◎When you access by car, please stop by at Sanganesan Sky Line which is a road with hydrangeas at both sides. The parking area is available. but it's get very crowded every year. When you use pubic transportation, it's walkable from Mikawakashima Station of Meitestu Line, or during Hydrangea Festival, a non-stop bus is available from south gate of Kamagori Station. Please check in detail at web pages of Katahara Onsen.


Nap House (Sakushima Island)


The Sea, Foods & Scenery Of Sakushima Island

There're many places you can get many 'like' in your Instagram. You can enjoy beautiful sea of course, and various food such as seafood and shaved ice in this season. I want you all to visit Sakushima Island once.


Chausuyama Highlands


Chausuyama Highlands With 360 Degree View Of The Sky

It was cloudy when I arrived the destination, but I could see the beautiful starry sky sometimes appeared between the clouds. I think it's more beautiful if it's fine and the air is clean. The temperature was so low that I needed to put on a jacket.