Miharu Takizakura (Cherry Blossom Tree)

Miharu Takizakura is one of the best places to travel in Tamura, Fukushima Prefecture, Japan. Here're guides for cherry blossom time, map, how to get there, spots nearby, attractions and photos of Miharu Takizakura posted by Japanese travelers in the know.[last modified: ]

Miharu Takizakura (Cherry Blossom Tree) 6 Reviews


Miharu-Takizakura Cherry Tree in Full Blow

The Miharu-Takizakura cherry tree is one of the 3 best one in Japan and more than 1000 years old. I recommend visiting in the early morning because the place will be crowded after ten.


1000 Years Old Cherry Blossom As A Natural Monument & One Of The Three Greatest Sakura In Japan

From the evening glow to the night darkness... The unseasonable temperature like winter can make the lighted cherry blossoms more beautiful and visionary. I could see the beauty that never appears on warm days nor in the daylight.◎Illumination date in 2018: from 4/6 till the cherry blossoms fall. Time: 18:00-21:00


1000 Years Has Passed... Miharu Takizakura With Impressive Branches Like Waterfalls

Miharu Takizakura is a huge tree over 1000 years old, and has put up with even Tohoku earthquake. Looking up from under the tree, you must be impressed with the cherry blossoms falling down like waterfalls. (Takizakura means Waterfall Cherry Blossom.) Its illumination is also glamourous!◎For the most famous and popular isolated cherry blossom tree, many people visit here. Even in 2011 after Tohoku earthquake, the parking area was crowed from the early morning. To avoid the congestion, you should visit as early as you can. If you can't, you must leave with enough time.


Miharu Taki-Zakura, One Of The Greatest Cherry Blossom Tree

Miharu Taki-Zakura is one of the three greatest cherry blossom trees in Japan. It's over 1000 years old, so it's in flower powerfully. And the full-bloom Miharu Taki-Zakura is impressively beautiful. You're encouraged to see it once!


As A Natural Monument And One Of The Three Greatest Cherry Blossom Tree In Japan, Takizakura In The Daylight

I've visited here two times, this cherry blossom showed me different appearances each year. How many times I meet this tree, its strength and beauty make me surprised. Somei Yoshino cherry blossoms and canola flowers behind Miharu Takizakura are also in their best. I could enjoy this gorgeous scenery very much.◎People need to pay 300 yen during the blossom season just after the next day of blooming. Access: Bus is available from JR Miharu Station during the season of cherry blossom. By car, 20 min from Funehiki Miharu IC of Ban'etsu Speedway, or 30 min from Koriyama Higashi IC.


Beautiful All The Day Along! Over 1000 Years Old 'Takizakura'

Miharu Takizakura will be in full-bloom soon. If you want to see it in daytime, it's better to go early morning, because of an enormous traffic jam. I like to see the lighted cherry blossom after my work. The powerful branches lighted in the darkness are really wonderful!