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Burgers Cafe Pon Pon is one of the best restaurants to travel in Ayauta-gun, Kagawa Prefecture, Japan. Here're guides for reviews, menu, hours, access, map and photos of Burgers Cafe Pon Pon posted by Japanese travelers in the know.
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Cafe For Ideal Sweets Time With Nice Ocean View

This cafe is located inside Utazu Seaside Park, and you can see the nice view of Seto Inland Sea such as small islands and a bridge. Their sweets with many local fruit are good-seller, French toast, waffle and parfait.
I ordered French toast with many fruits. Reservation is better on holidays lunch time.

Hamburger & Steak Of Kagawa's Brand Meat At A Scenic Cafe

Their tasty and meaty hamburger made from Kagawa's local beef and pork sells well. The scenery of Setouchi makes it more delicious. And after the meal, let's enjoy their popular sweets.
Hama Cheese Burger 1150yen, Hamburger Lunch 980yen

An Assorted Pink Grapefruit

It's excellent at the hot season! Very refreshing sourness is delicious!

A Seasonal Fruit Parfait

Full of fresh fruits and many kinds! This café is popular among women. Of all kinds, a parfait of seasonal fruits is very popular and they're proud of it!

The Ocean View Even Seto Ohashi Bridge Can Be Seen

At a cafein the seaside park, you can see the whole scenery of Seto Inland Sea. There are also seats in the terrace, which is good at the day of nice temperature.



4 Hamaichibancho Utadu-cho, ayauta-gun, kagawa




10:00-17:00 [Sat・Sun・Holidays]9:00-17:00


Mon,1st Tue



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The Masterpiece of the Museum and the Awesome View

This cafeis in Higashiyama Kaii Setouchi Museum. The View from there is a kind of a piece of painting as well as an awesome view. I was fascinated while having a good tea time.

Hinode Seimen Jo

Open Only One Hour A Day! Sanuki Udon Freshly Made By Skilled Noodle Craftsman

In Kagawa, a prefecture of 'udon' noodle, Hinode Seimen-jo was used to be specialized in just making noodle. At the request of the customers, it opens only one hour a day and offer its udon to eat here not only for sale. Freshly made and smooth noodle is so much worth eating.


Setouchi Dishes Making My Heart Aroused For Its Taste And Display

A restaurant in Okura Hotel Marugame. Their fresh seafood caught in Setouchi are very delicious, plates and displays are also beautiful. You can receive a polite service as a hotel, I recommend here very much.


A Healing Spot During Pilgrimage Of 88 Temples In Shikoku. Yasoba's Specialty 'Tokoroten' With The Coolness Of Japanese Summer

The old-time scenery that hasn't changed since Edo era, and 'tokoroten' made 100% from 'tengusa', a kind of seaweed. They have kept the original making method and taken a great deal of time to create the smooth feel and sticky chewiness. You can enjoy the exceptional flavors of tokoroten here in the healing spot for 'Ohenro'


A Famous Japanese Celebrity, Tamori Also Ate! Thin Noodle Of Purely Handmade Sanuki Udon

Sanuki Udon has a strong impression as thick noodle but some people like thin Sanuki udon noodle. Yamatomo makes the thin noodle by his hands without any machines. It has a particular chewy texture of Sanuki Udon and goes easily down the throat. Thin noodle gets caught well in golden strong soup, so you don't need almost all of the other flavors.


A Registered Trademark 'Hiya Ten Oroshi', Sanuki Udon Noodle & Prawn Tempura Standing Up On The Noodle

This wonderful and beautiful Sanuki udon is the specialty 'Hiya Ten Oroshi' registered as a trademark. The cold noodle that you can enjoy the chewiness of Sanuki udon and crispy hot prawn tempura sticking out of the bowl. Their collaboration is the first-class!

Nagata in Kanoka

Kama-age Udon Noodle, With Secret Dipping Sauce Of The Order Of A Cultural Asset

Kama-age udon's values are certainly its chewiness of noodle and dipping sauce. They are rumored to be the best of Kama-age restaurant. You can enjoy the very genuine udon noodle's texture because they always provide us with freshly boiled udon. In addition, their dipping sauce was instructed by Masaru Doi who was a leading figure on Japanese food and born in Kagawa. It's not too much to say that the dipping sauce is a kind of cultural asset!


Broiled The Surface Crisp, And The Meet Soft! Specialty Of Native Eel 'Unaju'

The rice harvested in Kagawa Prefecture, the eel grown in Kochi Prefecture, and the hydrogen water are used for this specialty Unaju (broiled eel on rice). They broil the skin crispy, and the meet soft, it was very delicious!

Ikkaku Dokigawa-Store

Juicy And Spicy Chicken With Born

Kagawa is famous for udon noodle, but in recent years, grilled chicken with born becomes popular. This spicy chicken is excellent with beer.

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