Nap House (Sakushima Island)


Nap House is one of the best spot to travel in Sakushima Island, Aichi Prefecture, Japan. Here're guides for map, how to get there, spots nearby, attractions and photos of Nap House posted by Japanese travelers in the know.
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The Sea, Foods & Scenery Of Sakushima Island

There're many places you can get many 'like' in your Instagram. You can enjoy beautiful sea of course, and various food such as seafood and shaved ice in this season. I want you all to visit Sakushima Island once.

Photogenic Spot At An Art Island! 'Nap House'

Located at Sakushima, an art island of Aichi Prefecture, a black and square box is an art work named Nap House. I can turned and sit in a room more spacious than I expected. What's more, the location commanding the ocean view from the room is wonderful!
Access: located at a beach, within 10min walk from Higashi (East) Port of Sakushima Island.

Relaxing Art Island You Can Enjoy Tour By Bicycle

Sakushima is called relaxing art island. You can travel around the island by bicycle, and enjoy the nature and art works leisurely.
The most popular art work 'Nap House (Ohirune House)' has often long line of people want to take pictures. It'll better for you to have enough time to go around Saku Island.



16 Ishigaki Isshiki-cho Sakushima , nishio-shi, aichi


10 min walk from Sakushima West Port



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