Tsuki-no Kurabito


Tsuki-no Kurabito is one of the best restaurants to go in Fushimi Momoyama, Kyoto Prefecture, Japan. Here're guides for map, how to get there, opening hours, spots nearby, attractions and photos of Tsuki-no Kurabito posted by Japanese travelers in the know.
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Taste Spring In Fushimi. A Restaurant Of Sake Brewer Gekkeikan

How about visiting Chushojima this spring? Some kinds of sake and Kyoto cuisine at a restaurant of Gekkeikan Brewery can make you feel the arrival of spring earlier.
Though Chushojima has many sake breweries, here's the best for lunch and dinner. You can visit at ease because they prepare some sweet cocktails of Japanese sake.



185-1 Aburakake-cho Fushimi-ku, kyoto-shi, kyoto




11:00-15:00,17:00-23:00 [Sat・Sun・Holidays]11:00-23:00


5min walk from both Fushimi Momoyama Station and Momoyama Goryo-mae Station



Nearby Foods & Restaurants


New Spot At Kyoto Station! A Food Hall You Can Eat The Tastes Of Popular Shops At One Time

It opened in April 2017 under the Kyoto Tower. Kyoto's popular restaurants get together at a food hall on the first basement floor. You can easily gather the foods of each shops and enjoy them.

The NEXT DOOR, lower east nine hostel

Five-storied Pagoda For Only You! A Café In A Hostel Where You Can See To-ji Temple

Anyone who is not a guest of this hostel can use this café at the 1st floor. But I recommend its rooftop. The terrace seats offer the whole view of a five-storied pagoda of To-ji Temple. You can enjoy tasty coffee and food in the open air.

Gyoza Bar Takatsuji Sukemasa

Recognized By Gyoza Loving People In Kyoto. Japanese Taste Gyoza With Full Of Kyoto's Foodstuffs

Although Kyoto has a strong image of Washoku (traditional Japanese cuisine), Kyoto takes the third-place of Gyoza consumption and there are many shops in the city. Among them, Sukemasa is particular about foodstuffs and taste of Kyoto. And their Gyoza has delicious rich taste but also light like Japanese cuisine, that I'm convinced of the popularity with women.

Vermillion - cafe.

What A Cute♡ Cute Sweet With Torii Of Fushimi Inari

A café with refreshing greens, located by the approach of Fushimi Inari Shrine. The specialties are coffee popular in Kyoto and sweet with illustration of torii. You can feel easy by greens on its terrace. Here's a lesser known place with fewer people than the approach.


Trendy Fresh Breakfast Of Kyoto's Proud Boutique Hotel

Only breakfast is accepted without staying. You can enjoy a delicious main dish whichever you choose, and all of the vegetables that 'Sakano-tochu' (vegetable supplier) brings are very fresh and superb. Except for the main and smoothie, you can enjoy the all-you-can-eat offer!


Sushi Of Kyoto Dishes! Cute 'Teori Zushi'

Teori Zushi' has dishes of Kyoto foodstuffs and tempura, and it's so beautiful, cute, fashionable that I feel pity for eating. In a comfortable restaurant, it would be unique and interesting for you to roll it by yourselves.

Umezono Kiyomizu Store

Mitarashi Dango and Warabi Mochi

The sweet shop is at Sannen zaka slope which leads to Kiyomizu temple. The Mitarashi dango (a dumpling covered with kuzu sauce seasoned with soy sauce and sugar) is good for people tired from walking on the slope. Because it is not big, I can eat 5 sticks. And a fresh warm one is exceptional.

Kamado Takitate Gohan DOI

All You Can Eat Kyoto Pickles & Dishes! Delicious Breakfast With Freshly Boiled Rice

This restaurant is under the direct management of Doi Shibazuke Hompo, a long established shop of pickles. You can eat pickles and dishes as many as you like. The freshly boiled rice will make you full from the morning! For the Kyoto-style healthy breakfast, you may have better appetite!


Colorful Shaved Ice For Grown-ups

A shaved ice offered at a natural cafe. They prepare only one kind of shaved ice that changes its seasonal taste. Sudachi-citrus syrup, mango, plum and kiwi, for this day. It was refreshing and fresh, I want to eat it again.


Shaved Ice With Uji-kintoki & Fruit Syrup In A Japanese Confectionery Of Long Standing

They start to sell shaved ice from April. On the ice made from good well water, the syrup of Uji-kintoki (azuki bean jam & Uji green tea) and fruit with much pulp are very popular. Many people wait in a line to eat it in the season of shaved ice, but, these are worth waiting!

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