YAKINIKU FUTAGO 37West 17th St is one of the best restaurants to travel in Minato-ku, Tokyo Prefecture, Japan. Here're guides for reviews, menu, hours, access, map and photos of YAKINIKU FUTAGO 37West 17th St posted by Japanese travelers in the know.
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Meat Entertainment! Photogenic Yakiniku Comes Out From A Treasure Box

A gorgeous room and atmosphere, that you never think it as Yakiniku restaurant, are like an entertainment of meat. Each dish has unique taste and display, especially the highlight is the first-rate Japanese black beef (wagyu) coming out from a treasure box! I like both its tastes and looking of this yakiniku restaurant.
YAKINIKU FUTAGO 37West 17th St could overturn the idea of Japanese Yakiniku restaurant. They have a branch restaurant in New York, and it's reverse-imported to Japan with the popular style among New Yorkers. Course: Union Square 7000yen.

A Luxury Yakiniku Restaurant Reverse Imported From NY

From a capital of entertainment, New York, this yakiniku restaurant was reverse-imported to Tokyo. They have gorgeous interior like an luxurious bar. You can enjoy the tastes and service that ordinary yakiniku restaurants never have.
You can enjoy conversations with polite and friendly servers.

Gourmet Beef You Can Eat & Enjoy Like Arts

This is a highly entertaining restaurant that we never seen such yakiniku restaurants before. Using high quality Japanese black beef (wagyu), they entertain your mouth and eyes. Yakiniku is Japanese barbecue style, but this restaurant is reverse-imported one from NY! Each dish is highly artistic!
First: wagyu cutlet displayed like a Japanese garden. Second: beef for grill with salt. Third: break hardened chocolate mousse with hammer. Course: Union Square 7000yen



2F HULIC & New Shinbashi 2-11-10 Shimbashi, minato-ku, tokyo




17:00-24:00 [Tri]17:00-27:00



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