Tenshukaku Observatory


Tenshukaku Observatory is one of the best places to travel in Ono-gun, Gifu Prefecture, Japan. Here're guides for attractions, hours, access, map, spots nearby, and photos of Tenshukaku Observatory posted by Japanese travelers in the know.
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Breathtakingly Beautiful World Heritage, Shirakawago Village Seen From Tenshukaku Observatory

From Tenshukaku Observatory, you can have a stunning view of Shirakawago like you see in a travel brochures. I felt deep emotion that I could come to a world heritage 'Shirakawago' in front of this breathtaking scenery. You must visit this observatory if you come to Shirakawago though it's not so large observatory.
Though you find a long line of people to wait a shuttle bus to the observatory, you can ride it sooner than you expect because many people can take one bus at once. Some guidebooks say it takes 30 min walk to the observatory, but the local people told us it's not good to walk in winter because we may happen to meet the snow falling down on the way to the observatory.



Restaurant TENSHUKAKU 889 Ogimachi Shirakawa-mura, ono-gun, gifu



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A Temple With 'Gassyo' Pose! Only One In Japan, Myozen-ji Temple Has A Steep Roof

Deep in Shirakawa-go Village, a temple of a mysterious appearance. A main temple, a priest's house and a bell tower all have 'Gassyo (steep roof looking like to put hands flat together in prayer)' structure, and that's the only one in Japan. These buildings with 'Gassyo' pose seem to pray for the village, and the scenery is beautiful beyond comparison.

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