Best Tourist Spots In Gifu

Here're best Tourist Spots in Gifu. We released a ranking of reviews about Tourist Spots posted by travelers and locals who have actually been to Gifu.

Best Tourist Spots In Gifu [1-10]


Winter Shirakawago, A Beautiful World Heritage Covered With Snow

Shirakawago Village covered with snow in winter has so beautiful scenery that you should see in spite of the coldness. Time flied so quickly when I walking along the snowy Gassho frame houses. The snowy mountains seen from Deai suspension bridge are also breathtakingly beautiful.◎The village is located between the mountains in Gifu Prefecture. Its scenery of traditional houses with thatched roof was registered to be World Cultural Heritage as 'Historic Villages of Shirakawa-go and Gokayama' in 1995. You can access to Shirakawago by bus, but you need to reserve the bus as soon as you can because it'll be full up quickly in travel season.


Impressive Snowscape Of Shirakawago With Many Gassho Zukuri Architectures

Shirakawago is the most famous as a village of Gassho Zukuri architectures. In the season of snowfall, you can see the stunning view of these houses from an observatory. ( I took this pisc on Feburary 7th in 2010.) Now, the illumination event is held only for 4 days a year and you need to get numbered ticket.◎Lighted Shirakawago is for Only 4 days a year. You need to get numbered ticket, look within 20min, don’t use a tripod for camera, the rule has become severer than before. But they may change every year, so it's better to check the HP at first.


A Temple With 'Gassyo' Pose! Only One In Japan, Myozen-ji Temple Has A Steep Roof

Deep in Shirakawa-go Village, a temple of a mysterious appearance. A main temple, a priest's house and a bell tower all have 'Gassyo (steep roof looking like to put hands flat together in prayer)' structure, and that's the only one in Japan. These buildings with 'Gassyo' pose seem to pray for the village, and the scenery is beautiful beyond comparison.


Impressive Autumn Color Reflections Like A Mirror World

You can see lively three colors of autumn leaves in the daytime, but, you must see the night light-up when you visit Sogi Park! There're eight ponds in the park, and each of them has different scenery of upside-down maple trees. Specialty, many people got together at the pond just near the entrance.◎Light-up from November 9th to 18th in 2018. Some time periods prohibit the use of tripod, so please have good manners and enjoy taking pictures.


Reflection Of Autumn Colored Leaves Without Any People

The reflection makes us feel the time stops. It has selected as one of the 21 best upside-down autumn colored spots by Jalan. Please check the web page!


Retro Town In Takayama


An Old Town With A Remnant Of Edo Period

The central town of Takayama, located at Hida Region of Japan, had been developed as a castle town and business town since Edo Period. There're many wooden houses, and we can enjoy good-old atmosphere. Here in Sanmachi Street, tourist enjoy food, sake, local handiworks, and so on.


Time Travel To Edo Period! A Castle Town With Retro Atmosphere

The alleys with latticed walls and waterways make us feel like traveling to the old Edo Period (around 1600-1860). The castle town are lined with many long-established shops. And a government office at that time 'Takayama Jinya' and the morning market are also famous as tourist spots. You can touch the history and cultures of Hida Region.◎12min walk from JR Takayama Station. There're many toll parking areas.


Good For Spring Travel! One Of The Most Famous Historical Towns In Japan

Takayama Town has many buildings that are selected as Japanese important historical architectures. There's slight smell of savory soy sauce. Being in the warmth of wood, we can enjoy the good old atmosphere like time travelling. Why don't you travel in Takayama this spring? And it'll make you feel relaxed. 12 min walk from JR Takayama Station. If you use cars, please check the nearby parking area in the following. (Japanese language only)


Monet's Pond (Nameless Pond)


Beautiful Pond Like A Painting

The transparent water of the pond and beautiful Nishikigoi carp are wonderful. Though it rained when I visited here, I want to come again on a sunny day.


A Pond Like A Painting Of Claude Monet

The water lilies and carp swimming elegantly in the very clear springwater, are like pond in a painting of Monet! In summer, the flowers would bloom, and the scene becomes more beautiful!


A Pond

Monet's Pond is an artificial reservoir located at the side of an approach to Nemichi Shrine in Itadori, Seki-shi, Gifu Prefecture. Various flowers bloom in each season, and the color of the pond can change by the sunlight and the quantity of water. You can enjoy seeing the very Japanese scenery of the beautiful pond with calmly swimming colored carp.


Kiso Sansen Park Center


Great Flower Bed Designed To Image Kiso's Three Rivers

At 4400 square meters site, there're 160 thousand tulips and 100 thousand grape hyacinths are planted and designed to image the Kiso Three Rivers. Grape hyacinth expresses the flow of water by its beautiful blue, and tulips expresses the ripples. That's amazing scenery isn't it? Tulip Festival in 2019 is 3/25-4/14.


A Big Flower Bed With 160 Thousand Tulips

Tulip Festival in 2019. Its Big Flower Bed's tulips and also the cherry blossom are at their best, we can see more beautiful scenery than the years before. The 160 thousand tulips designed like the stream of Kiso Sansen Rivers and ripples, are worth seeing very much. We enjoyed walking around and around the flower bed very much.


Beautiful Wavy Patterns Of Various Tulips

There're 157 kinds of and 300 thousand tulip, muscari, and hyacinth all around the garden, we can feel the arrival of spring. The entrance fees and parking area are free, and it's located near a famous Nabana-no Sato, so we can enjoy these two gardens together. The Tulip Festival in 2019 starts from March 25th!


Flower Festival Commemorative Park


Bliss In Only Spring! Many Roses Dressed In Various Colors

Flower Festival Commemorative Park has beautiful flowers all around the year, but I think the rose festival in spring is the most amazing. For it's the biggest scale in Tokai Region, please visit here!◎Access: 5 min by car from Kanimitake IC of Tokai Kanjo Speedway. Rose Festival is opened till 6/17. On holidays during the rose festival, it'll be very crowded, and there's no extra parking area, so please try to visit in early morning or evening to avoid the traffic jam.


Mosaic Tile Museum Tajimi


Tile Is Art! Mosaic Tiles Like Modern Art

At a town of tile, Tajimi City in Gifu Prefecture, Mosaic Tile Museum exhibits the history of various kinds of tiles. Tile is art! You can stuff a bag with as many tiles as you can for 500 yen.◎Entrance free: 300yen. In a stairwell area, you can take pictures of beautiful tiles with the blue sky.


Various Beautiful Tiles

It's a museum of tile. We can see the exhibitions of mosaic tile arts. And there's a studio where visitors make original goods with tiles.


Funamachi Park


Cherry Blossom In Ōgaki

Funamachi Kawaminato is designated as a place of scenic beauty. There're lanterns lightened at the stone-walled river side, and they recall the good-old time. Ōgaki River Boat to see the full-bloom cherry blossom is also enjoyable. The parking area at Okuno Hosomichi Museum is available.


Embara River


Healing Power Of Embara River Known To Those In The Know

Embara River is located at the heart of the mountains in Gifu Prefecture, and I like here because there're a few people there. You can see the sun pillar in the early morning. When you want to be deep in thoughts, it's a great place to do so.


Mt. Kinka


Magnificent Gradation Of Colors And Lights Made Up By A Breathtaking Beauty Of The Sunset

The sky changing its colors every moment and Nagara River meandering like a dragon. I wonder what generals in Sengoku era (the Age of Civil) thought standing here in a hill. You can see the fascinating view that lets you forget the place or time.