Otsuka Museum of Art

Otsuka Museum of Art is one of the best places to travel in Naruto, Otsuka Prefecture, Japan.  Here're guides for attractions, hours, access, map, spots nearby, and photos of Otsuka Museum of Art posted by Japanese travelers in the know. The admission fee: Adult 3240 yen, college students 2160 yen, and other students 540 yen. [last modified: ]

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Reproduced Cappella Sistina In The Same Size

A biggest scale art museum that reproduces world's masterpieces by ceramic boards. Michelangelo's famous ceiling painting in Vatican, 'Cappella Sistina' is reproduced at full scale. I was so impressed that I had goose bumps in such an artistic room!
It's known as a museum of the most expensive entrance fee (3240yen, advance ticket 3100yen), but you could be satisfied with their exquisite reproductions and large number of paintings. I think here is an only place where you can experience the world's arts at the same time.

The Before & After Restoration Of 'The Last Supper' You Can See Only Here

Otsuka Museum Of Art is the only museum that exhibits two 'The Last Supper' which are before and after its restoration. In other words, you can compare the two. The mysterious parts that had been soiled became clear, and you can listen to the interesting story about that from the museum attendants,
When Otsuka Museum Of Art started, genuine 'The Last Supper' was under the restoration, so Otsuka exhibited only 'The Last Supper' before restoration. And the restoration was finished and Otsuka exhibited the restored one. Then, the visitors can compare these two 'The Last Supper'.

Monet's Great Art 'Nymphéas' Shinning Under The Sun

The outside exhibition that realizes literally the wish of Monet to show the painting under the nature lights. And this is one of the highlights of Otsuka Museum Of Art. You must be fascinated by the world of beautiful but fragile Nymphéas as soon as you sit down at the center of four great works that surrounds the room.
Monet must be surprised at the this exhibition that is possible for only ceramic boards. The water lily around the work becomes at its best in summer. The exhibition will be partly restricted for the renewal construction during 2017, 11/28-12/24.

Scrovegni Chapel You Can See Like A Genuine In Japan

It's a reproduction of Scrovegni Chapel whose genuine is in Padova, Italy. The paintings on the whole surface of the wall and the solemn atmosphere are not just a replica. Wedding ceremony can be arranged here.
It's next to Cappella Sistina, and one of the dynamic exhibitions.

World's First Museum Of Masterpiece Made Of Ceramic Board Reproduced In Actual Sizes

Tokushima's proud of the largest museum of art established by the top-ranking company, Otsuka.

Over 1000 Piece Of Western Masterpiece

More than 1000 pieces of painting in the actual sizes at the biggest scale of exhibition space in Japan. Anyone who likes arts must be satisfied with the museum. A single day won't be enough.