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Nagahama's Specialty 'Mackerel Somen' With Mild And Deep Taste

At the foot of Nagahama Castle of Hideyoshi Toyotomi. You can eat 'Saba (mackerel) Somen Noodle' in a historical restaurant. The mackerel and somen noodle are cooked to be salted and sweetened, and it's a familiar taste for all Japanese people.
Open: 10:30~ Regular holiday: Mondays Access: 3min walk from JR Nagahama Station, along the Hokkoku Kaido Street.



7-8 Motohama-cho, nagahama-shi, shiga



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Morishima's specialty 'Omi Beef Ishi-yaki Set Meal' They roast Omi beef, one of the three best wagyu in Japan, on the custom-made volcanic rock plate to cook it for the best condition without scorching. You can enjoy the genuine Omi beef with everyone sitting around the stone plate.

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Won The Gold Prize! Craft Beer 'Nagahama Ale' Directly Poured From A Tank

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