Best Restaurants In Shiga

Here're best Restaurants in Shiga. We released a ranking of reviews about Restaurants posted by travelers and locals who have actually been to Shiga.

Best Restaurants In Shiga [1-10]

1Gallery & Cafe ENSOU

Though they prepare only seasonal tarts and drinks, such a beautiful tart you eat in the woods is a good seller because they're very photogenic! Many customer come from far, and they would be sold out till noon even on weekdays. I recommend you to visit here just after it opens!◎This cafe is managed by a pottery in Kyoto. There's also a gallery in a keyaki wood building. The plates for tarts are breathtakingly beautiful and you can buy them. I like the music environment with a lot of records, so you can have a nice leisure time in the woods.

2Sweet Works Arabesque Sha

Good for sweet-lover who want to eat various cakes! It's delicious and big! Ice cream, cheese cake, various fruit, spongy cake, chocolate crunch, pudding and brown sugar syrup, all of them get together in it!

3Liliana Organic Cafe


Organic Smoothie

Liliana Organic Cafe is a organic smoothie specialty shop. It's famous in Instagram and popular among girls who like lovely things. They don't have menu, and customers look into Instagram to find what to order. I can't decide what to choose because they're all beautiful for SNS. The shop makes me want to visit again and again.

Liliana Organic Cafe offers smoothie and smoo-parfait of only fresh fruit. Smoo-parfait is a healthy smoothie with soy-milk whip cream, coconut tapioca, nuts and so on. They make smoothie from two kinds of fruit you choose.

4CLUB HARIE Hikone Mihori no Ya

At a cafe of well-known CLUB HARIE, located next to Hikone Castle, we can eat a dessert set with many sweet strawberries which is prepared only 20 dishes a day. You can choose whatever drinks you want, so it prices lower. And if you visit alone, it's easy to come into the cafe, because the room is very calm and quiet.


Just Baked Scones

This shop is famous for its baumkuchen! But other pastries are also good and there are different kinds of pastries in each shops. Here you can eat scones just baked.

5Parfait Specialty Cafe LAMP


A Parfait In Lantern Vessel

In the cafe, there's a fantastic mood like night forest with many lighted lamps. This specialty shop offers a parfait in a lamp-shaped vessel. What's more, it stands at a good location to see the whole view of Beautiful Lake Biwa.

After enjoy seeing the great view of Lake Biwa, eat such a photogenic parfait at this cafe. What a luxurious time it is! The parfait in lantern-shaped glass looks nice and also tastes very good. Its ordinary service ends December 14th in 2018, but it has winter opening from December 14th to March 24.

6Dome Cafe, A Hill With Lake Biwa View

The blue color of its best-seller drink 'tonic soda' is excellent with the scenery of Lake Biwa and the clear sky. The private-seat requires the fee, you can have the scenery all to yourself.

I love this place. There's a great view of Lake Biwa in front of me, and I could feel relaxed at a private seats.


Strawberry Gran Parfait with more than 20 strawberries and good for our health. There're different ingredients in the glass, so we'll never get tired of the taste till the last spoon. This cafe opens only Saturdays and Sundays, and you need to book table.


Its silhouette and volume that overturns the fixed ideas of sandwich. A fascinating sandwich that makes us want to eat unconsciously. For they're prepared till the stocks last, you should go, in the early morning, to this shop located in the calm nature.

9Yamamoto En With Tea

Matcha Tiramisu made with Asamiya Cha which has a history of 1200 years, and is admired as one of the 5 best Japanese teas. Its texture is very smooth. The tea fragrance spreads to the whole mouth as soon as we eat it.

10heureux heure

Who won the first prize of 2017 Galette Des Rois Contest is a small bakery located at Shiga countryside. They are not only delicious of course, they fascinate us with the beautiful designs. The other baked goods and breads are so good that this bakery is worth visiting from far!◎Although the bakery stands between mountains, many customers crowd into as soon as it opens on only three days a week, and all Galette Des Rois and the other goods become sold out till noon. At some festivals, their goods are so popular that they become sold out in one hour. You need to check out HP to get the open dates and festival schedule.