Bicchu Kokubun-ji Temple

Bicchu Kokubun-ji Temple is one of the best places to travel in Soja-shi, Okayama Prefecture, Japan. Here're guides for attractions, hours, access, map, spots nearby, and photos of Bicchu Kokubun-ji Temple posted by Japanese travelers in the know.[last modified: ]

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Nostalgic Scenery Of Five-storied Pagoda In Okayama

You can't find five-storied pagoda elsewhere in Okayama. Located among the vast rice fields, this pagoda is a symbol of Kibi-ji Road and has Japanese nostalgic scenery. This area is popular for not only walking but also for cycling.◎The former temple had been built in Nara period and now this building was rebuilt in Edo period. The five-storied pagoda is a National Important Cultural Asset.