Most Instagenic Places In Hakone, Kanagawa Prefecture

Here're most Instagenic places in Hakone, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan. There're many Instagram worthy spots you can get 'like' in your SNS, such as 'Hakone Shrine' known as a torii gate standing on the lake, and impressive 'Owaku-dani Valley' where you can see the activie volcano. Then, we selected best Instagenic ones from 'special places to travel in Japan' that were posted in City's Pride by travelers and the locals who have actually been to Hakone.

Most Instagenic Places In Hakone, Kanagawa Prefecture [1-10]

1Hakone Shrine

Famous Spiritual Power Spot In Kanto Region! Mysterious Torii Gate On the Lake

A shrine famous for the divine help for money and success in life stands along the Ashino-ko Lake. If the weather is good, you can see the torii and Mt.Fuji together on the lake from the opposite bank.


A Hot Spring Hut In The Woods Of Hakone And Eight Open Air Baths Filled With Nigori-yu (Muddy Hot Spring)

They prepare eight rooms, and eight kinds of open air bath at an isolated hut. You can choose your favorite one. Private open air baths you can enjoy beautiful nature of Hakone and nigori-yu onsen at the same time.


A Stylish Café You Can Be Relaxed In Foot Bath

Located at Hakone, a famous place for Onsen, it's a café with a foot bath renovated from Naraya Ryokan Built 50 years ago. You can see the extensive mountains of Hakone. The 2nd floor, there're tables with gallery and you can enjoy the different kinds of interest.

4The Hakone Open Air Museum

Open Air Museum Where Hakone Mountain & Art Works Fuse Together

You can play inside of 'Castle Of Soap Bubble'. 360℃ stained glass of 'Happiness Symphony Sculpture'. And also 'Picasso Exhibition', there are many arts that grownups and children can enjoy.


Very Strong! The Current Gorge Of Hell You Feel The Active Volcano

Clouds of white smoke and strong smell of sulfur forming from rugged rocks. You can see these activities of the volcano very near. Owaku-dani is the site of explosion crater made by eruption of Hakone Volcano 3000 years ago.

6Hakone Tozan Train

Nearly Touch From The Window!   A Mountain Climbing Train Goes Through Ten Thousand Hydrangeas.

Many people come to see the sight of a Hakone Tozan train climbing the steep slopes through the hydrangeas planted very close to the railroads during June and July. At night, you can ride on a train named Ojisai-go going slowly in the illuminated hydrangeas.

7Shirayu-no Yado Yamada-ya

Nigori-yu In Hakone Owakudani Hot Spring! With A Wall Made By Traditional Parquetry

Open-air hot spring baths at a 800-meter mountain. Nigiru-yu means naturally colored hot spring water that changes its color day by day. On the wall, traditional parquetry is displayed, so you can enjoy the tasteful scenes only in Hakone.


Hakone's Excellent Water Bath With Your Dog Together! A Special 'Dog Friendly Room'

There is an exclusive bathtub with cute cabriole legs, and making the owner excited, for your pets in a room! After playing outside and in a room, you can take care your dog by the good water of Hakone. Even a dog with sensitive skin will be pleased.

9Hakone Venetian Glass Museum

Shining Crystals & Playing Canzone! The Garden You Can Feel Venezia

Flutter your heart at the crystal arch bridge, enjoy the elegant Venetian glasses at the museum, find your favorite at the shop and go out to the garden as a background of Hakone! Both of the Italian restaurant and the wagon sweets on the bench at the lush garden are excellent.

10Café & Restaurant LYS -LALIQUE MUSEUM, HAKONE-

Hakone Sweets Of Marriage With Champagne At A Museum Café

A café in an art museum with the fine view of the outer rim of Mt.Hakone. What marries with the Hakone sweets is a full glass of champagne that all regular customers would order. The mountain of cocoa and a ropeway of raspberry…scenery of Hakone. The sour-sweet afternoon.