Most Instagenic Places In Yokohama, Japan

Here're most Instagenic places in Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan. There're many Instagram worthy places you can get 'like' in your SNS, such as 'Yokohama English Garden' with 1700 kinds of rose, and 'Yokohama Bay Hotel Tokyu' a best place to see the night view of Minatomirai. Then, we selected best Instagenic places from 'special places to travel in Japan' that were posted in City's Pride by travelers and the locals who have actually been to Yokohama.

9 Most Instagenic Places In Yokohama, Japan

1Yokohama Bay Hotel Tokyu

The Romantic Night View of Minato-Mirai

You can see the romantic and gorgeous night view of Minato-Mirai from the roomy room.


Come Into A Fairy Tale World!? A Garden With 1700 Kinds Of Roses

For the perpetual roses, you can see many kinds of roses from spring to autumn. And they plant the different colors of roses for each areas, so you have various impressions every places, which is one of the attractions of this garden.


Stay At A Historical Building! A Classic Hotel Approved As A Heritage of Industrial Modernization

A Long-established hotel as a landmark at the bay area of Yokohama. A symbolic royal-blue great staircase as the central part, we couldn't take our eyes off these elaborately designed lightings, ceilings, tiles and furnishings. Have a luxury stay with the historical heritages.

4Nihon Odori Avenue

Beautiful Townscape Of Japan's First European Style Avenue

Nihon Odori Avenue connects Yokohama Park and Zou-no hana Park. Sitting on the sidewalk café among the European retro avenue and buildings, you can enjoy the beautiful townscape. I want to go around and come back again to see the different scenes of day and night, the avenue is worth doing like that.


The Beautiful View Of Minatomirai Is Guaranteed! A Mall Seamless With Bay Area Of Yokohama

An open-air mall facing to Minatomirai. As the name of MARINE&WALK, you can enjoy shopping and foods while you walk along the sea of Yokohama. Wrapped in the comfortable sea breeze on the free sofa, your conversation will grow animate in front of the marine colored patrol boats.

6Yokohama Red Bricks Warehouse

Black Of 100 Year Tiles & Red Of Bricks. Warehouses With Beautiful Contrast Of History At A Port Of Yokohama

One of the popular tourist spots 'Yokohama Red Bricks Warehouse'. Of course, it’s a nice spot for shopping and eating you can meet in only Yokohama. And you can also enjoy the beautiful contrast of tiles and bricks against the blue sea, elaborate designs and historical colors that exceed the functions of warehouse.

7Osanbashi Yokohama International Passenger Terminal

360°Fine View! Roof Top 'Kujira No Senaka' (Whale's Back)

Popular as a destination for the sightseeing bus tour, it's an international passenger terminal. Just as the nickname 'Whale's Back', its roof top with the unique curves and geometric forms, commands the special view. There're always people who take pictures of the sea over the wood deck and Yokohama all day.


Handmade Tree House Café Like A Secret Base

A relaxing room located on a hill with the view of Yokohama. Among 15-20 seats, I like the terrace seats where I can feel relaxed with comfortable breeze. You can feel yourselves at home because the employees are the residents of a share-house under the tree-house.


Yokohama Style! A Classical Café Like Another Country

Located at 2nd floor of a building built in 1926, this café has high ceiling, and classical atmosphere just like Yokohama. Very interesting menu title like 'Lawyer's Café'. It stands near a famous tourist spot Red Brick Warehouse, let's visit here, too.

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