Most Instagrammed Spots In Ishigaki Island

Here're most instagenic spots in Ishigaki Island, Japan. We selected the best ones from 'special places to travel in Japan' posted in City's Pride by travelers and the locals who have actually been there, and released the ranking for places you can get many 'like' in your SNS.

Most Instagrammed Spots In Ishigaki Island [1-5]

1Fusaki Resort Village

The Wave Sound Becomes BGM! The Sunset Seen From The Beach

Fusaki beach is a famous spot to see the sunset. The sunset scenery from the beach and 'Fusaki angel pier' will become your unforgettable memory.

2Mount Nosoko

Panoramic Landscape Of Ishigaki Island From Mount Nosoko Observatory

The landscape seen from the Mount Nosoko (Nosoko Maapee) is extremely beautiful in Ishigaki Island. What is more, you can access by car to the halfway, then walk up only 20min to the top. Such easy mountain climb is one of the attraction of this spot.◎You need 40min for the mountain climb, but 20min from a parking area in Nosoko Forest Road.

3Tamatorizaki Observatory

With Beautiful Red Tiles In The Blue! An Observatory Commanding The Northeast Ocean Of Ishigaki Island

Tamatorizaki Observatory is located in the northeast shore of Ishigaki Island, and has red tiles for its roof with full of Okinawa mood. You can see many hibiscus around the observatory, Hirakubo Peninsula in the north, and the whole view of the ocean in the east.

4Kabira Bay

Beautiful Kabira Bay Changes The Color Every Moment

Kabira Bay in Ishigaki Island shows us various color of the sea changes by the tide and weather. Emerald green sometimes, and gradation of pale and gentle blue sometimes, it has different scenery every time I visit. I really want you all to see it!


At the Northernmost of Ishigaki Island, a Superb View of the Ocean in 2 colors and White Lighthouse Standing Still

Located in the northernmost in Ishigaki, Cape Hirakubo-zaki has an attractive viewing of a white lighthouse looked beautifully in the sea of coral. After it rains, you can sometimes see the rainbow.