Best Restaurants In Nagoya-shi

Here're best Restaurants in Nagoya-shi, Aichi. We released a ranking of reviews about Restaurants posted by travelers and locals who have actually been to Nagoya-shi.

Best Restaurants In Nagoya-shi [1-10]

1Sushi Furukawa

Sushi Furukawa opened in 2016 at Nishiki, Nagoya. The main sushi chef is twenty five years old, so he opened his restaurant when he was just twenty two. He had been entrusted a sushi restaurant he worked for before since he was nineteen. He has little experience though, he always studies the good food combinations. Open only at night, full curse dishes for 20,000 yen.


I ate a scone of strawberry and Houji tea (roasted Japanese tea), and strawberry royal milk tea. Various kinds of seasonal caked that we can eat only this season, and various drinks with full of originality, fascinate us so much that we want to visit here many times. What's more, I like this lovely interior that has just renewed!

3Sweets Shop Slow

A whole cake named 'LADY'. If you're cerebrated with such a lovely cake, you can have a happy year. This cake of course, it offers various kinds of cream puff, which are good-seller, they all have unique appearances and tastes.


I ♡ ebi (ebi means shrimp). Many original and elaborately cooked dishes by a chef Mr. Yamauchi. The collaborated projects with famous chefs in the world are also fascinating! The prices for full course dishes will change, 7000 yen for lunch and 14000 yen for dinner.

5Kissa Zoumeshi

Kissa Zoumeshi is a popular cafe with retro mood. Lunch, familiar sweets and seasonal sweets, are very fascinating. They're all delicious and also have lovely appearances. It's located in a walkable area from Nagoya Station, and you can eat the local food of Nagoya here.

Kissa Zoumeshi is a famous cafe in Nagoya. Their 'Kissa-no Tamago Sando (Cafe's Egg Sandwich)' is one of the good-seller menus, and it has freshly fried fluffy thick egg. And miso-meat spread on the soft bread becomes good accent, and make it taste rich. They serve this elephant cookie for all menus. I could feel relaxed with cafe latte of Nishio Matcha.



Photogenic Sweets Time

THE FLOWER TABLE is in Nagoya, Aichi Pref, and a bistro-cafe located at the third floor of Mitsukoshi. So satisfying sweets for the appearances and tastes. Supervised by Mr. Ishii, a chef of a famous French restaurant Sincere, so not only sweets but also food are delicious. If you follow its Instagram, they increase petals. You can buy drinks to go.

7Kawai-ya Honten

A representative Nagoya food, Kishi-men. The soup tastes lighter than it looks but has definite 'umami' in it. Please enjoy the chewy flat noodle with such a delicious soup.


You can drink craft beers changes periodically as well as coffee. What's more, they prepare the rare menu such as cold-brew with nitrogen gas. It has nice mouth-feeling and sweetness.


Sushisho's chef had trained his skill at sushi and kappo restaurants in Nagoya, then opened his own at Nishiki. I saw his passion for the foodstuffs and sushi rice, and was really satisfied with the course cuisine of side dishes and sushi.

10Aroma Fresca Nagoya

So fresh meat! A salad of grilled king crab in Aroma-fresca style! They prepare prefix menu for dinner, so you can choose what you feel like to eat that day.