Best Restaurants In Hiroshima-shi

Here're best Restaurants in Hiroshima-shi, Hiroshima. We released a ranking of reviews about Restaurants posted by travelers and locals who have actually been to Hiroshima-shi.

Best Restaurants In Hiroshima-shi [1-10]

1Kissa Mekuru

Pudding A La Mode Parfait is offered in February, the month which is the open anniversary of the cafe. This year, chocolate chip are added. The main pudding is a little heard and good-old pudding, and always good seller. Pudding A La Mode Parfait 1050 yen, and adds 450 yen for a drink.

One of the good-seller menus, pudding à la mode with milk pudding, strawberry, vanilla ice cream, caramel walnut. The lovely cookie on it changes every time, so you can look forward to it. 4 min walk from Tokaichi Station of Hiroshima Railways. Strawberry pudding à la mode for 650 yen needs to be ordered with something to drink.

2CAFE DE Hanae

One-day cafe of FLAVEDO par LISETTE in Kumamoto, opened at CAFE DE hanae on 3/23. FLAVEDO opens cafes for limited terms in also Tokyo. You can enjoy so much of strawberry grown without agrichemicals in Kumamoto.


Cream soda named 'Duet' that has been on sale for 20 years. They told that the glass was specially ordered for this menu. I like this retro and cute atmosphere!


Naya is a cafe renovated from a barn. I like this Japanese modern room with thick timber. Their homemade bread is delicious, so I ordered toasted croque-monsieur, then cheese cake and original blended coffee. The dim room makes us feel relaxed.


There's a delicious balance of good-hard custard pudding, and hiding Pannacotta and ice cream. The shining Pudding A La Mode can make people feel happy.

Kipfel is a popular cafe. Lunch is only reservation. Relish, main dish, rice, soup, dessert and drink. Many colorful vegetables for side dish, and spring roll of white radish and shrimp for a main dish. We can enjoy delicious lunch leisurely.


Lovely cup cake of strawberry Amaou (one of the popular kinds of Japanese strawberry). There's cheese cream under the strawberry. The moist dough of cup cake is excellent with the fresh strawberry and slightly acid cheese cream very much.

SWINGING BIRD KITCHEN is a chic and delicious specialty shop of baked confectionery. We can eat sweets inside the shop. I had a cup cake of apricot and mascarpone with coffee. The plump cream is lovely, isn't it? They offer some kinds of drinks, and their coffee is specially tasty.

7MC Apartment

MC Apartment is a specialty shop of lovely baked goods such as muffin, butter cake and icing cookies that make us feel happy. They're excellent for a small gift or something like that, aren't they?


Delicious cheese cake with a little saltness. Sakura powder, Sakura bean paste, and a cherry blossom preserved in salt on the ice cream. By its appearance and taste of the rich cheese cake, we can feel spring.

Etone's parfait changes every season. It's very colorful with many ingredients such as strawberry cheese cake and milk pannacotta. The refreshing taste of Earl Grey Ice Cream make it good-balanced, and we can eat all of it easily.


We can eat four kinds of fruit sandwich for breakfast. In this time, the best fruit is strawberry. You will love it with many Amaō Strawberry!

Fruit Sandwiches with four tastes, and cream excellent for each seasonal fruit. They offer some that we can't eat except here, such as pear with azuki bean jam and whip cream.

10W/O STAND Hiroshima

December limited drink is a latte of much whip cream, many nuts and hazelnuts sauce. It may be good to drink hot and cold ones to compare each other.