Best Spots With Beautiful Flowers In Fukushima

Here're best Spots With Beautiful Flowers in Fukushima. We released a ranking of reviews about Spots With Beautiful Flowers posted by travel influencers who have actually been to Fukushima.

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Cherry Blossom Spots

Miharu Takizakura (Cherry Blossom Tree)

6 Reviews

I've visited here two times, this cherry blossom showed me different appearances each year. How many times I meet this tree, its strength and beauty make me surprised. Somei Yoshino cherry blossoms and canola flowers behind Miharu Takizakura are also in their best. I could enjoy this gorgeous scenery very much.◎People need to pay 300 yen during the blossom season just after the next day of blooming. Access: Bus is available from JR Miharu Station during the season of cherry blossom. By car, 20 min from Funehiki Miharu IC of Ban'etsu Speedway, or 30 min from Koriyama Higashi IC.

Natsui Senbonzakura (One Thousand Cherry Blossom Trees)

4 Reviews

Natsui thousand cherry blossoms known as a late flowering cherry is now the best season. Thousands of cherry blossoms flowers along the Natsui River make the wonderful scenery. In the night, you can enjoy the illuminated trees.

Drooping Cherry-Tree at Kassenba

1 Reviews

I introduce 'a weeping cherry tree in the battle site' in Fukushima, a Mecca of cherry trees standing alone. In this area, Miharu-taki cherry is famous though, its grandchild is this weeping cherry. I want you to visit here after seeing Miharu-taki cherry. Here's said to be a battle site of the old sanurais.