Best Restaurants In Shimane

Here're best Restaurants in Shimane. We released a ranking of reviews about Restaurants posted by travelers and locals who have actually been to Shimane.

Best Restaurants In Shimane [1-10]


They don't use animal-food. Their sweets made from body-friendly food are very tasty. Besides, there's a stream in the woods of Komejirushi, so we can enjoy walking around. They can make us really refreshed. Ōnan Town, located on the border of Hiroshima and Shimane, is a town with many delicious food.

Komejirushi is located in Ōnan-cho, Shimane. It's a nice cafe standing in the quiet woods. I like their homemade cakes that don't use any milk products like butter, egg, nor white sugar. Also, they offer light meals like pizza-toast. Their coffee are home-roasted and made from organic fresh coffee beans. We can enjoy beautiful cafe-time with fresh greens in the early summer breeze.


Healthy Sweets Cafe

I visited Komejirushi in Shimane again. I ate scone of organic banana and lemon lavender tea. Their sweets are healthy for they don't use animal products. I like the room of the cafe with a big window from which we enjoy seeing the change of seasons.

2Soba Cafe Motenashio

Buckwheat seeds and husks are grained together to make Izumo soba whose color is black. This soba is very chewy and contains ninety percent buckwheat flour as well. Kama-age and warigo, you can eat these popular Izumo soba at the same time as the local specialty.

3Vgefruiju & Ice Corotto

The new taste sweet in the news. A wonderful sweet that is an ice cream made from fruits and vegetables grown in Izumo and wrapped by crunchy and chewy coating. Delicious and healthy sweet born in a hot spring town.

4Café Midori

A great garden, Karesansui you can see with a cup of coffee. What a elegant time I can spend!


Haruame in Izumo. I had a season-limited strawberry parfait, with middle-roasted blended coffee. It opens from Thursday to Sunday, offers no meals. The season-limited menu is a good-seller, so reservation is better. They offer custard pudding and cheese cake as always-menu. I like the chic and quiet atmosphere.

6Gungen-dou Iwami Ginzan Honten

Gungen-dou Honten is an old merchant house in Omori, a town of world heritage 'Iwami Ginzan'. Their 'Satoyama Omusubi Set' has rice balls made from rice boiled in earthen pot and rolled to good firmness not to break when you hold it. Wrap them with nori (laver sheet), ant eat together.

7Kamedayama Tea Room

Kamedayama Kissa-shitsu is a tea room in Kōunkaku, an European-style house built in Meiji Period, in the site of Ninomaru of Matsue Castle. I had a tart of strawberry and pistachio, and their original blended coffee. The smooth pistachio tart dough has orange peels as a secret ingredient. Baked with custard and strawberry on it, it's very delicious tart!

8Chīnaka Mame Kotogahama

At Kotobahama Beach famous for the crying sands, a cafe opens when summer comes. It was used to be a beach house. Swimming in the Japan Sea in front of your eyes, and gazing the sea from the cafe would be both good. Sometimes we can see dolphins. I like their pizza grilled in the oven offered only for weekends. On this day, we took two-thirds of the pizza to home.

9Cafe A.oryzae

Cafe A.oryzae, located in Kizuki town, uses a good-old house as its building. It stands calmly in a residential area, and has very relaxing atmosphere. I had a strawberry roll-cake, and enjoyed their garden filled with beautiful greens. I recommend their lunch cooked mainly from organic foods.

10Coffee Kan

Coffee Kan located at the side of Shinji-ko Lake in Matsue. It's a retro cafe like an European house, with outside seats. Their lunch with homemade bread is a best seller. They offer also cakes of Forest Of Vienna, which is famous in Shimane. Have a luxurious time while looking at the shining Shinji Lake.