Best Restaurants In Tottori

Here're best Restaurants in Tottori. We released a ranking of reviews about Restaurants posted by travelers and locals who have actually been to Tottori.

Best Restaurants In Tottori [1-7]

1Manai Seseragi Restaurant

So many strawberries on all sides and also top of the parfait! There're so much whip cream, ice cream, sponge cake, and cone flake! We can see the process of making parfaits on the counter-seats.

We visited Manai Grandmother's Seseragi (murmuring of a stream) Restaurant. It's located near the famous clear spring called 'Ame-no Manai'. It was a hot day, so I had Sudachi (refreshing citron) Soba noodle, and after that, I ate a fig parfait. That fig had many red and sweet pulps. We can't see inside the parfait, so enjoy it to the last bite.


Oenoki-en offers a shocking vivid pink curry! Though the color seems not to be delicious, but the taste is curry you know. In fact, it's more healthy curry because of the red beet that makes this pink.◎Pink Curry is only for lunch.


Visit here if you want to eat the local dish. From Tottori beef aburi (grilled lightly), the beef fiber gets untied to come out the good tastes. I enjoy eating the local specialty beef.

4Yama-no BRUN

Yama-no BRUN is a chic restaurant surrounded with nature. I love their lemon tart for its simple and natural taste of the foodstuffs. Coffee is an original blended by Tsubame Coffee in Mochigase town. There's an accent of deep-roasted coffee in light-roasted.

5Cafe Nijinoki

Cafe Nijinoki near Uradomi Beach in Iwami. It's a chic cafe of delicious curry plate. I love this sour-spicy curry very much. In addition, their sweets and coffee are also good. They have yoga lessons and some workshops, too.

6Home-Roasted Coffee Tsubame

Tsubame Coffee, located at Uradome Beach in Iwami. I had a gorgeous time in front of the sea with their Basque Cheese Cake and cafe latte. It opens everyday, and from Tuesday to Friday, Cafe Bloom runs it. They sells bagel sandwich, lemon soda, and so on. And from Saturday to Monday, they prepare two kinds of sandwich, mackerel or egg sandwich.


Inakaya is a temple cafe at Daisen. It offers home-roasted coffee and Japanese products. I had a coffee-float with ice cream, and I like the combination of this tasty coffee and ice cream. Anyway, in its beautiful lush garden, you can find a nice words on the wall. We'll feel relaxed in this good-old atmosphere.