Best Restaurants In Ishikawa

Here're best Restaurants in Ishikawa. We released a ranking of reviews about Restaurants posted by travelers and locals who have actually been to Ishikawa.

Best Restaurants In Ishikawa [1-10]




CACAO SAMPAKA KANAZAWA In A Former Tea Shop With Lots Of Old City Atmosphere

The first floor is a shop, and the second floor is a café that serves desserts and drinks of chocolate, tapas, and alcoholic drinks such as Spanish beer and wine. They sometimes hold events suitable for Kanazawa, and anyone can take part.


Kaga Vegetable Juice You Can Taste At A Café In Harmony Of Old & New

Kaga vegitable juices have the same names as the bridges over the Asano River such as 'Ume no hashi' and 'Tenjin bashi'. And, with sweetened beans (ama-natto) of Kawamura, a popular shop at Nishsi Chaya-machi. I recommend their homemade sweets, too.


MORIHACHI Higashi Sambancho


Japanese Sweets Of 'Morihachi' At A Cafe In Higashi Chayagai, Kanazawa

Morihachi is a long established shop of wagashi, Japanese traditional confectionary. Their cafe opens in an old house at Higashi Chayagai District, Kanazawa. These lovely sweets has excellent sweetness with maccha (green tea), and superb smooth texture, which you can taste the Japanese prominent skills.◎Maccha & Sweets Set 700yen. They offered three different kinds of wagashi when we ordered for three people, what a nice kindness! What's more, coffee or Kaga Boucha (roasted Japanese tea) with Morihachi's sweets.


USHIOYA Higashi Chayagai


Specialty Of Kanazawa 'Seared Yellowtail' Known To People In The Know

A local specialty, Seared Yellowtail (Buri-no Tataki) which I had for the first time in Kanazawa, is so delicious that I want to tell my friends! At this restaurant, you can taste both of savory seared surface and sashimi with just enough fat. What's more, additional Rosy Seabass (Nodoguro) makes me satisfied very much.◎Ushioya is an originator of Seared Yellowtail (Buri-no Tataki) in Kanazawa, Japan. They use rare salt made from the sea water of Noto Peninsula, and sear it by hand. Ushioya has its restaurants at Higashi Chayagai and Omi-cho Market.


Lunch At Higashi Chayagai, Kanazawa! Rice Bowl Of Special Seafood With Seared Yellowtail

At a restaurant 'Ushioya' in Higashi Chayagai District, Kanazawa, you can eat Donburi (rice bowl) and Zosui (rice porridge) of seafood caught in Ishikawa Prefecture. I ordered Ushioya Special Set for which the chef decides the seafood on that day. That was a really gorgeous Donburi with their specialty Seared Yellowtail (Buri-no Tataki) and sea urchin egg!◎Ushioya is an originator of Seared Yellowtail (Buri-no Tataki) in Kanazawa, Japan. Rice bowl of Seared Yellowtail which is the best seller, and Rosy Seabass with rice in soup stock (Nodoguro Chazuke), and so on. I love the seafood of the Sea of Japan!


My Secret Izakaya! The Local Seafood & Vegetables

The seafood sent directly from the local fishery, the traditional Kaga Vegetables and various kinds of sake. You can eat all of Ishikawa's food. The seasonal sashimi is fresh and excellent with the local sake. And the local egg's omelet (dashi-maki) is very delicious, fluffy and mild.◎Open: 17:30-23:30 Regular holiday: Sundays


Sushi Reki Reki Omi-cho


Limited to 10 Dishes for a Day. Delicious "Nodoguro-Don"

People in this area call rosy seabass "nodoguro". You should eat the fish if you visit Kanazawa.


The Lunch You Can Eat Kanazawa's Sushi at a Reasonable Price

An affiliated restaurant of famous "Mitstukawa". Enjoy the seafood for sushi you cannot eat except in Kanazawa.


Two Michelin-starred Ryotei Where You Enjoy Japanese Cuisine With Seasonal Sense

Kifune's dinner is fully booked for half a year ahead, and their lunch one year ahead as well. A chef Nakagawa uses seasonal foodstuffs and considers also about plates and displays. Many customers from other prefectures not only the neighbors visit this restaurant for beautiful and delicious cuisine.


Sweets Shop Urushi-no Mi


Plates, Trays & Cutleries Are All Lacquer Wares! A Café Produced By A Historical Lacquer Ware Shop

The first floor of the shop is lacquer ware for everyday use, the second is Wajima-nuri (the local lacquer ware), the third is tools for tea ceremony and Kaga-makie (gold and silver lacquer) and the fourth is a café. A glossy lacquer ware and Japanese sweets beautifully arranged on it, is too good to eat. And more, of course, it's delicious.


Masterpiece Pancake At An Old House Café In Kanazawa With Full Of Castle Town Mood

A pancake café that is said to be the best in Kanazawa located on a corner of Higashi Chaya-machi. It contains full of air and its fluffy feeling of taste must make you addicted. You have to make a reservation because the café is filled to capacity as soon as they open.


Grill Otsuka


Kanazawa Local's Favorite Food! Very Big Hanton Rice

Ketchup rice, fluffy egg, fried whitefish and shrimp. On all of those, ketchup and tartar sauce are decoratively spread. For it has plenty amount, visit this restaurant after you become hungry. They have smaller size, too.