Best Exoticism Cityscape In Shikoku

Here're best Exoticism Cityscape in Shikoku. We released a ranking of reviews about Exoticism Cityscape posted by travel influencers who have actually been to Shikoku.

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Ichinomiya Park located along the seashore, is full of resort air like Hawaii with the lawn to the whole park and palm trees. And it's selected as 'Lover's Sanctuary' and popular spot to see the romantic sunset. Let's ring a bell, too!◎Many people come to take pictures of the scenery of sunset. Free parking lot is available. Access: 5 min by car from Onohara IC.

Address:55-2 Himehama Toyohama-cho, Kanonji-shi, Kagawa


Located at Shodoshima Olive Park, The Greek Windmill was built as a proof of a sister island to Milos Island. And this windmill facing to the beautiful Seto Inland Sea and surrounded with olive trees is a best place to take pictures in Shodoshima Island.◎Access: 5 min walk from a free parking lot of a Road Station: Shodoshima Olive Park. You can also walk from a neighboring Olive Garden.

Address:1941-1 Ko Nishimura Shodoshima-cho, Shozu-gun, Kagawa

Access:Bus: get off at 'Olive Koen Guchi (Olive Park Gate)', then walk 5 min. Car: 7 min by car from Kusakabe Port.



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