Best Places OF Japanese No.1 In Tokai

Here're best Places OF Japanese No.1 in Tokai. We released a ranking of reviews about Places OF Japanese No.1 posted by travel influencers who have actually been to Tokai.

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Address:Fujisan Kitayama, Fujinomiya-shi, Shizuoka

Top Review:Supreme Panorama For Only Successful Climber Of Japanese No.1 Mountain Top

Mt.Fuji climbing is restricted within the short term during the year. On the way to its top, you have to experience the hard roads and environment. But, at the end of the journey on the top, the supreme panorama extends as far as the only successful people can see.



Address:492-14 Houzan, Nebara, Fujinomiya-shi, Shizuoka

Access:30 min by car or taxi from Fujinomiya Station

Top Review:Magnificent Highlands And Mt. Fuji

Asagiri Highlands is a nice place to view Mt. Fuji. Some cattle are browsed, and you can take pictures of them with Mt. Fuji. It's also nice to see stars because there're no lights around.



Address:719 Kouyama, Gotemba-shi, Shizuoka

Access:5 min by car or taxi from Iwanami Station

Top Review:One Of The Biggest Scale Of Illuminations In Japan

The light tunnel as long as 450 meters is classed top one in Japan. What's more, the fountain show has the Japan's record of 150 meters high water pillars. It must be a good memory for families and couples.



Address:2929-10 Inokashira, Fujinomiya-shi, Shizuoka

Access:45 min by bus from Fujinomiya Station to Tanuki Lake Camp Site.

Top Review:Up Side Down Mt. Fuji On The Lake Tanuki

It was sunny without any clouds in the sky, and I could see the beautiful Mt. Fuji. I was impressed so much with the highest mountain in Japan. The lake surface waved a little by weak winds though, I could enjoy both Mt. Fuji and up-side-down one together.



Address:3392-9 Ogawa Port Ishizu-minato-cho, Yaizu-shi, Shizuoka

Top Review:New Year's Days At A Fishing Port! A Happy Scenery Of Flags And Mt.Fuji

Ogawa Port on New Year's Days, you can see the wonderful scenery of flapping flags. Yaizu City in winter has lots of sunny days, so you can see even Mt.Fuji! But Uogashi Dinner is closed in New Year holiday season.◎null



Address:2-17-1 Sakae Naka-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi

Top Review:Japan's Biggest & So Cool Planetarium Of Carl Zeiss

Your thoughts go to the universe, stars and Carl Zeiss by very real planetarium. Be careful to the sleepiness because the chair is so comfortable. Anything else, you can enjoy astronomy machines, chemical exhibitions, and so forth.◎null

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